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Carolina Herrera 212 VIP I Love NY: Adding Vibrancy to the Mundane

Carolina Herrera has added a pair of flankers to their 212 VIP collection, paying homage to the city that never sleeps. These limited-edition bottles extend the collection to just under 30 fragrances between the male and female lines.

212 VIP Black I Love NY The new fragrance for men
212 VIP I love NY

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Cardamom

Heart Notes: Lavender, Absinthe

Bottom Notes: Coffee, Vetiver

Boasting an espresso-like eruption of the senses, Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black I Love New York is a fresh twist on the iconic original. The new flanker is completely vegan, continuing Carolina Herrera’s sustainable actions beyond the realm of fashion.

The fragrance is categorized as an aromatic, woody gourmand with key ingredients like coffee, lavender, and vetiver. At the top, a revitalizing grapefruit accord adds a necessary swipe of citrus to a spicy cardamom. Down in the heart is an aromatic lavender followed by the mystical liquor, absinthe. Coffee and vetiver round out this fragrance, bolstering it with a robust base.

212 VIP Rose I Love NY for women
212 VIP I love NY

Top Notes: Bergamot, Apricot

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Milky Musk Accord

Bottom Notes: Patchouli, Coffee Bean Extract

Incorporating milky and spicy nuances into its DNA is 212 VIP Rose I Love New York. Described as a “milky latte” by CH’s Pr team, the fragrance places creamy softness into the heart of the palette, only to be elevated by a floral sweetness. This fragrance is worn best when holding a latte to-go and bustling through the busy city in your favourite pair of delicate stilettos.

Vaunting key ingredients of apricot, jasmine, and coffee bean extract, this CH flanker finds itself in the olfactive family of floral, woody, and gourmand. Beginning the fragrance is a stimulating bergamot note, followed by a juicy apricot accord. In the heart are a rich jasmine and milky musk accord. Finally, the scent concludes to the tune of patchouli and coffee bean extract.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black and Rose I Love New York are both available on the Carolina Herrera website in 100ml bottles.