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A Review of Artals First Three Fragrances

Artal is a niche perfume company that launched in 2021. Based out of Oman, the perfumery aims to stay true to the meaning of their name, “Beauty within everything”.  The company intends to blend their fragrance into messages that are encapsulated into bottles by using only the finest ingredients.

Artal graciously sent me their first three fragrances: Margue de Rubis, Lavish Lazuli and Elixir de Esmerelda. All of the fragrances contain various versions of Oud, showcasing the beautiful note in different forms. Artal fragrances are perfumed by Shadi Samra, the former Fragrance de Bois perfumer. 

Marque de Rubis Artal
Marque De Rubis by Artal

Marque de Rubis

Marque de Rubis is presented in a deep red bottle with the Artal branding on the front, along with the fragrances name, concentration and size. The rest of the fragrances will follow a similar branding, except for the colour of the bottle. On the top, you can find notes of Amber and Saffon. In the heart are Cambodian Oud and Woody notes. Finally, Incense and Leather conclude the base.  

Marque de Rubis is an Oud dominant fragrance with citrus and baking spices that work to produce a more approachable wood note. The wood is fresh and inviting, although it maintains its usual, rich accords.

The star of the show is the quality Oud note that is found throughout the long lifespan of this scent. As the fragrance progresses, you can smell the Oud and watch as it shifts from a more playful wood to one that is deeper and denser, suitable for the most distinguished of gentlemen. The fragrance was above average, as I believe there to be more unique and overall better variations of this scent profile available on the market.

Lavish Lazuli Artal
Lavish Lazuli by Artal

Lavish Lazuli

Lavish Lazuli follows a similar presentation to Marque De Rubis, this time featuring a dark blue bottle and silver cap. The fragrance has top notes of Saffron and Cypriol Oil. Incense is the only note in the heart whilst Amber, Cambodian Oud and Musk conclude the base.

The fragrance utilizes Oud in a supporting manner amidst sweet Amber and dense Musks. The fragrance is rich, suitable for those with a sweet tooth. I find a similar cotton candy accord that is comparable to Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male or even Paco Rabanne Phantom. But, the accord is not as buoyant and playful, rather it is a secondary sweetness that plays well with the wood accords.

Similar to Marque de Rubis, the star of the show is the high-quality Oud note. All of the surrounding accords work to accentuate the best features of the note. The Oud is front and centre throughout the fragrances life, portraying itself as an approachable wood. The Amber is blended exceptionally well with the Oud, creating a raw sweetness that you find in a lot of high-quality Vanillas.

Elixir de Esmerelda by Artal
Elixir de Esmerelda by Artal

Elixir de Esmerelda

The third and final fragrance from their 2021 releases is Elixir de Esmerelda, which is sold in a forest green bottle. At the top are Black Current, Saffron, Bergamot and Grapefruit. Amidst the heart are Incense, Violet, Leather and Oud. Whilst the base concludes with Indian Oud, Musk, Ambergris and Olibanum. 

By far my favourite of the three, Elixir de Esmerelda has an extremely attractive floral and citrus accord, that takes over the Oud. The prominence of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Violet work in unison to produce a resinous accord that is seductive. You may pick up a raw Honey sweetness from the scent, which transitions itself into florals as time progresses. 

As the fragrance develops on your skin, you slowly notice it change from this playful fragrance to one that is eerie and mysterious. The Oud retakes its seat at the top, and you watch as the other notes fall beneath the Oud, slowly falling into the background. Although, this slight floral accord peaks out from the shadows, shining a slight sweetness and freshness amidst the woods.

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