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A Review of Beau De Jour by Tom Ford: An Ode to a Bygone Era

I love a good barbershop scent, especially when interpreted with clear vision. A typical Fougere with a lavender top note, earthy base, coumarinic touch, and solid intention of giving off the ultimate 70’s gentleman vibe sound quite orthodox in modern perfumery, but trust me, to date, it never misses the point on classic touch.

A Review of Beau De Jour by Tom Ford
Beau De Jour by Tom Ford

When Tom Ford released Beau De Jour in 2020, I did not get a chance to try it out, until very recently. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to test it. I sprayed some on my wrist, and I knew what my husband was going to think about this modern Fougere blend. It’s a fresh, clean, crisp, aromatic and earthy amber that made me wonder why I did not go the extra mile to smell this perfume! I did not hesitate for a second to take it home with me, lo and behold, it was “love at first sniff” for my husband as well.

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Beau De Jour by Tom Ford

Beau De Jour kicks off its journey with a freshly bloomed lavender and icy, minty cocktail top. The opening feels rejuvenating, fresh, and confident. Although it’s a fresh scent, the aromatic elixir’s strength doesn’t go unnoticed as soon as you put it on. The Basil cuts through, and the mix becomes slightly herbal, but in the most elegant and green way possible. The best part about this scent is the Oakmoss. The Moss used paints a picturesque scene of you walking into a meadow, wearing your finest linen, barefoot on a freshly wet soil from the morning rain. It is the perfect scent for early springs, gloomy summer mornings or a moody fall afternoon.

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The Moss and the herbs pave the way to a calming and comforting base of Tonka and Amber. Both of these oriental notes lend just the right amount of depth and almost non-existent sweetness to keep the whole composition grounded, leading a suave, dry and earthy trail. The silage is astronomical despite being quite a fresh fragrance, and that ethereal Oakmoss note sets out the tone, making it a perfect all-year-round scent.

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The best part about Beau De Jour is that the notes are perfectly blended, yet quite distinguishable to your nose. Nothing gives me more joy than getting constant wafts of some of the prominent notes throughout the fragrance development, as you keep coming back to smelling your skin to trace which stage the scent is at and what you are smelling the most right at that very moment. Beau De Jour will allow you to enjoy the journey.

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This fragrance has a charismatic aura that will spare you the time you waste thinking about your outfit. Depending on the season, it can glam up your look even if you wear some basic pieces from your wardrobe and accessorize a bit. This is a versatile gorgeous masculine fragrance that will surely garner compliments. It is a classic Fougere that will remain timeless for years to come.

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