At Ifragrance, our mission is to build a community-created space that emphasizes a family feel. Due to the multiple facets of our website, Ifragrance is the site for all fragrance lovers. At the core, our website is a fragrance magazine featuring breaking news, advice columns and general opinions on fragrance. As well, it is a space to post your own thoughts and enjoy a lookbook of new fragrances.

In the fragrance news section, expect to hear about new releases and why they should be important to you. At fragrance talk, you may find general commentary on new and old fragrances with an opinion-based twist. To the right, fragrance and fashion features articles telling you how to dress your favourite scents. As you progress you can find the reviewers lounge and fragrance directory. The reviewer’s lounge is open to all who have an opinion on anything fragrance-related. We want to hear your stories! Finally, the fragrance directory is an organized way to browse new releases from your favourite houses.

Ifragrance holds very high journalistic standards when it comes to ethics. All photography and videography are either shot and edited by our team or sourced elsewhere with ample credit given. Ifragrance is its own entity that is owned independently.