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Alexandria II by Xerjoff: Perfection in a Bottle

Today, we‘re taking a break from our batch variations and hidden gems series. I think it is time we talked about one of the precious gems out there, and this one is not that hidden. Our renowned subject of matter is the marvelous Alexandria II by Xerjoff. Alexandria II was created by the brilliant Chris Maurice back in 2012. I personally think it was, and still is until this day, the holy grail of perfumes. I even found that, on many occasions, people ask whether or not Alexandria II is regarded as the best Niche perfume ever created.

Alexandria II
Alexandria II

Alexandria II is an oriental woody and ambry fragrance from Xerjoff’s Oud Stars line. Upon release, it was very unique smelling. It rests somewhere between oriental vibes as well as the Western magic blends. This release was inspired by the thousand-year-old capital city of Alexandria, the city which I hail from. I can even imagine that if Alexander the great was still alive, Alexandria II would definitely be his signature fragrance!

Alexandria II by Xerjoff 0 18 screenshot

Alexandria II starts off with some fresh apple, manly lavender along with some warm cinnamon and invigorating rosewood, but don’t let the fresh entrance fool you as the fragrance is very deep and sophisticated. You will start to feel the upcoming warmth of the heart by the end of the opening thanks to the presence of cinnamon and rosewood.

The heart notes include the nose-tickling Bulgarian rose, the seductive Lilly of the valley, and the manly cedarwood. Even though the loatian oud is officially listed in the base notes, I can already smell it in the heart. By now you will have known the complexity of this fragrance and you will think that there is more to this perfume than meets the nose.


The base is pretty woody and sweet at the same time. The gorgeous vanilla, powdery captivating sandalwood along with the now officially listed Loatian Oud crown the fragrance with a royal-like presence. I smelled Alexandria II many times with the preconceived idea of it being ‘overhyped’ or ‘overpriced’. Now, I own two 100 ml bottles and actively seeking more!

As far as performance goes, I believe Alexandria II has the perfect performance. Its longevity is almost never-ending. Nevertheless, the sillage is not nuclear but I think this is deliberate to suit the royal vibes of the fragrance. The sillage of Alexandria II is like a small cloud around the wearer which is perfect for some formal occasions.


Regarding wearability or versatility, be It a formal setting, or a casual outing, Alexandria II is a perfect choice for either. Just make sure you wear it in cold weather and preferably night times. It best fits adults but can easily be claimed by enthusiastic young gentlemen.

My final verdict is that Alexandria II is a real head-turner and, like its name implies, is one of the wonders of the old world. If you smell it on someone, you will probably think this lady/gentleman is of royal descendants.

Tell us your thoughts about Alexandria II in the comments. Is it really worthy of being the best Niche perfume ever? Does it stand its ground against the history-shaping fragrances like Aventus and Baccarat rouge?