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Amouage Attars: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

To go along with the Extraits, Amouage sent over the coffret samples of their Attar collection. In this collection are six new fragrances, each of which are blended with 100% perfume oil. Not a drop of alcohol in sight!

The Amouage Attars are very well known for their insanely high quality, stupendous performance and superhuman longevity. Join me on the journey of testing these spectacular scents.

Amouage Attars: Orris Wakan
Amouage Attars: Orris Wakan

Amouage Attars: Orris Wakan by Julien Rasquinet

Notes: Orris, Sandalwood and Musks

The Amouage Attars collection begins fairly tame with Orris Wakan. The beauty of these attars is that the short note breakdown leaves a lot of room for interpretation. This one, in particular, is a feminine-leaning fragrance with a lot to love about it!

Orris Butter instantly jumps to the forefront with cream, powderiness and floral. It’s quite soothing to the palate as it has a medicinal afternote which calms me down.

Sandalwood is the least prominent of the three notes, although it can be picked out fairly quickly. It offers rich woodiness and deep florals with a tinge of sweetness. I also get a bit of a bold, smoky accord from this Amouage offering.

The Musk is what stands out the most to me. It’s animalic in a sexy way. I would describe it as something similar to pheromones. You can’t quite pin down what it smells like or why you like it, but you just do. 

It all mixes perfectly together in a humble bottle. Near the end of its life, I sense a tinge of citrus which pops in and out of the floral garden aroma. I picture this scent being dug up beneath a bed of flowers, only to emerge amidst trees and fauna. 

Amouage Attars: Rose Aqor by Cecile Zarokian

Notes: Rose, Frankincense and Sandalwood

Rose Aqor is quite an intense, meditative fragrance that lives dab smack in the middle between feminine and masculine. It jumps off the skin, living on there for quite a long time. I’m really confident to say that it’s my favourite Rose fragrance to date.

Off the top, I get a really interesting Lychee and Vanilla accord which are tied in with Rose. The fruitiness is very prominent and reminds of a certain part of the Lychee. Once you open the spiky, hard exterior, a white sphere pops out in front of you. 

That first bite of Lychee is always the best. You miss the earthiness of the seed and just get pure, sweet bliss in your mouth. That exact taste is recreated here. Amidst that is a raw Vanilla which I attribute to the Sandalwood.

I notice that the Frankincense sits near the back throughout its entire life. Rose sits above the other two notes in a seductive way. Thorns and all, this fragrance wants to draw you in with its beauty, just to stab you with its flirtatious nature. 

I believe that labelling this fragrance as unisex is due to the fact that it deserves a confident wearer. Anyone can pull this off, but how? Well, the outfit must be spot on with their personality. They need to feel comfortable in their skin and ready to take on the perils of everyday life. I would save this scent for the days in which you feel an almost manic high. 

Amouage Attars: Vanilla Barka
Amouage Attars: Vanilla Barka

Amouage Attars: Vanilla Barka by Dominique Ropion 

Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Frankincense 

Right here, you notice the Amouage Attars take a turn. The juice gets darker, fragrances are more potent and the risk of being the best smelling person in the room rises significantly.

Sometimes I sit and ponder the very existence of Vanilla in fragrance. It’s been done so many times by many different noses for tons of brands. Eventually, you begin to concoct a tier list of Vanilla fragrances due to the sheer amount in existence.

For me, Tobacco Vanille and A Whiff of Waffle Cone are two of my favourite Vanilla scents for vastly different reasons. Vanilla Barka joins that list of elite Vanilla scents with its quality, performance and absolutely stellar Vanilla accord.

Yes, the Tonka Bean and Frankincense add a necessary depth to help project Vanilla’s nuances but they stay in the background as merely supportive notes. What springs to the surface is this phenomenal Vanilla that has been extracted from a chi-chi coffee shop in Soho. 

It’s then been taken on a journey through a land of spices and Fougere. Cinnamon stands out greatly amidst Coriander and a Pine aroma. The finished product is a delectable Vanilla fragrance that offers a new take on the note entirely. 

Instead of being loud and in your face with sweetness, you’re forced to enjoy the creamy, raw and natural aspects of the note. I especially like the slight Fougere, barbershop aroma which gives the scent a necessary masculine boost. 

Amouage Attars: Incense Rori by Julien Rasquinet

Notes: Frankincense, Oakmoss and Cedarwood

There’s quite a lot to unpack with this fragrance. As many of you know, Amber and I haven’t been the best of friends since I’ve begun reviewing scents. I believe that it’s a note that I just honestly don’t enjoy and has the potential to ruin fragrances for me. 

When buying scents for personal use, I tend to stay away from fragrances that include Amber. But when reviewing fragrances for the blog, my nose is fair game to anything. With Incense Rori, there is a very prominent Amber accord. 

So for me, this one is a miss as it just fills my nose and causes me to not enjoy the rest of the scent to its full potential. But, this fragrance is special. The Amber accord plays nicely with its opulent, masculine characteristics.

Although the Frankincense and Oakmoss come with an inherent Amber aroma, the Cedarwood is able to dive between the cracks and project an aroma that is similar to my father’s box of Cohiba Esplendidos. 

I’d also like to add that there is a very rugged pine and forest aroma which reminds me of a burning campfire. All in all, a very masculine scent with tons of upside for Amber lovers. Just not me, unfortunately. 

Amouage Attars: Saffron Hamra
Amouage Attars: Saffron Hamra

Amouage Attars: Saffron Hamra by Cecile Zarokian

Notes: Saffron, Rose Centifolia and Cade

Saffron Hamra is a fragrance that deserves to come to mind when you think of the word Amouage. It’s a special scent that places you inside of a warm cup of tea, ready to be showered with milk, honey and stirred until blended.

Think of the most decadent cinnamon tea which has been infused with black or English breakfast tea. Sitting inside of the steeper is Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg and Saffron. It produces this warm, spicy flavour that features subtle nuances of grainy sweetness and a dense earthiness.

Amidst this aroma is a Rose accord which is similar to the one in Rose Aqor. This time focusing more on its luxurious and affluent tendencies. It’s quite refined and one that I would deem worthy for royalty. 

Cade is a bit of a wild card in this fragrance. It adds quite a lot to the background in terms of its oily texture and smoky, leathery aromas. The accord pairs very well with the rest of the scent. 

Amouage Attars: Oud Ulya by Cecile Zarokian

Notes: Oud Assam, Vanilla and Birch Tar

Oud Ulya was an absolutely magnificent way to conclude the Amouage Attars collection. The fragrance is by far the most masculine of the six, relying heavily on notes of coffee grounds, Tobacco, Oud and woods. 

Vanilla wasn’t represented in a mainstream way. The note came off very jagged and lacking sweetness. I believe that for those who like their Oud’s and Tobacco cut with sweetness, layering this scent with Vanilla Barka might produce an unstoppable scent.

I found the coffee grounds profile very interesting as I couldn’t pinpoint exactly where it was coming from. Part of me wants to chalk it up to the Oud Assam and the grimy accord that Oud sometimes takes.

I once heard a YouTuber describe Bulgari Man in Black as a fragrance Batman would wear. For me, this scent fits in that category. It’s ominous and mysterious with subtle beams of light shining through it.

Conclusion of the Amouage Attars

As someone still studying at University, I could not personally fathom spending this much money on a fragrance. With 12ml bottles retailing for $540 USD, it’s considerably out of the question for me. But let me tell you, that 12ml bottle will last you and your children years to come. One drop of each fragrance and you’re bound to be smelled by everyone in the room.

If I was capable of purchasing one full-sized bottle, I would most definitely reach for Vanilla Barka. It’s an exceptional fragrance with so many upsides that it would almost be foolish not to select it.

Have you tried the Amouage Attars collection? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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