Amouage Guidance fragrance for women and men
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Amouage Guidance Review: The Regality of a Princess

A while ago, I wrote an article detailing the new Odyssey collection from Amouage. I am overjoyed to report that I was able to test the entire collection in full. I am a huge fan of frankincense, and I admit to being a snob about it. I love high-grade stuff, and that is why I love Amouage. They always used the best frankincense that money can buy. Being in Oman gives them access to this precious material, and they proudly do it unlike any other house. This collection represents Amouage going back to their roots, which was using that stellar incense, along with moving towards modern DNA that is both unique and approachable.

Amouage Guidance The Odyssey collection new fragrance for women and men

Guidance opens with a beautiful crispy pear note. It is both airy and juicy and quickly gives way to a fruity apricot-driven osmanthus with slight touches of leather. The sweetness of the rose comes through, but it’s not jarring and jammy. It fluidly works in unison with the jubilant jasmine to create a sunny bouquet of blooming flowers and juicy fruit trees. There is also an ever so slight touch of saffron, which is there to support the rose.

Amouage Guidance fragrance for women and men
Amouage Guidance

A beautiful creamy sandalwood emerges in the base that adds a silky touch to the jasmine. A slight hazelnut accord that adds warmness within the scent, but it feels like an echo and not a full accord on my skin. The frankincense note is quite subdued in this one compared to the others. It is there, but it’s not the star of the show by any means.

Guidance by Amouage the new fragrance for women and men

The fragrance makes me think of a beautiful princess in a palace which spares no expense. She wakes up and soaks in a bath of freshly picked roses, then she has a breakfast of apricots that were harvested only moments before. She goes back to her room to read and has a vase full of jasmine blooms, while the soft wafts of incense come in from other rooms. A suitor knocks on her door and presents a gift of precious vanilla and the finest sandalwood. She is the beauty, splendor, and regality that Guidance represents.

Amouage Guidance Fragrance The odyssey collection

Guidance is a masterful lesson in opposites attract. The blending is top notch, and it is executed near perfectly. The slightly sour fruitiness, the fresh jasmine, the touch of nuttiness, the milky santal, and the regal rose all combine to create what almost feels like a gourmand, but not quite. It has incredible depth and longevity. I am getting around 10 hours on skin, with it being noticeable around me for a good 8 or so. It does lean on the feminine side, but this is something I would still wear, as I consider it unisex. This is going to be an absolute stunner for the encroaching spring season.

Amouage Guidance for women and men new fragrance

I feel like Guidance is truly Amouage in nature but signifies them turning over a new leaf to create something semi-gourmand, but doing it in their own way. I have a lot of respect for this house, but I am afraid that some people might miss the beauty of this scent if they don’t sit and listen to it. It presents itself as a typical fruity scent at the start, but the beautiful sandalwood and jasmine combo arrives later on. People who judge this on one wearing or only by the opening will miss the nuances on this scent. However, Amouage did say that Guidance is a poem. Poetry only speaks to those who want to listen. For those that do, they will find a story that is charming and presented in a beautiful manner.