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Amouage Royal Tobacco Review: A New King Has Arrived

There is no doubt that the niche perfume house of Amouage is synonymous with luxury, a luxury marked by outstanding fragrance compositions brimming with nuances and complexity and bottles sparkling with a sense of historic nobility. Ever since Renaud Salmon took the helm as Amouage’s creative director 3 years ago, the house has seen an incredible renaissance of the Omani spirit and soul from which their very first fragrances came into being.

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Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco

2022 has turned out to be fortuitous year for Amouage with the release of Royal Tobacco, an excellent fragrance composed by master perfumer Cécile Zarokian. This is a celebration of the shared heritage between Cuba and Oman, a melding of royal frankincense and tobacco absolute, and an homage to the “El Lector” tradition originating in the Cuban tobacco rolling factories, where factory workers were regaled with readings of great works of literature while they worked.

Amouage Royal Tobacco.
Amouage Opus XIV Royal Tobacco.

Right away, your nose is gifted with the intense smell of freshly harvested frankincense tears basking in the redolent aromas of spices and green herbs. It is quite intense, with some underlying hints of verdant bitterness, perhaps a bit camphoric in combination with the hesperidic frankincense, elemi, and bergamot.

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Slowly the incense starts to burn as a profoundly rich tobacco enters the scene, the caramel colors reinforced with sweet dollops of licorice and fruity hints of prunol and osmanthus. Perhaps this an allusion to the aroma of wet tobacco leaves caressed in calloused, knowledgeable hands as inspiring words are heard in the background. There is also something like hay, a pastoral quality rendered using fenugreek, it’s the smell of a warm field giving this special quality to the tobacco. Although orange blossom and rose are listed in the notes, their presence in Royal Tobacco is quite muted and subtle, as they mostly act as points of cohesion for the other notes.

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As Royal Tobacco enters the dry down phase, I am once again returned to Oman, the realm of incense and smoke. And that is what concludes this phenomenal experience – luxurious, golden tobacco and frankincense riding on clouds of dark, smokey birch tar and meditative Assam oud, all supported by resinous labdanum, myrrh, earthy vetiver, and sweetly sensuous whispers of vanillic auras expressed through benzoin, tonka bean, and bourbon vanilla.

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It seems so many tobacco fragrances revolve around various combinations of spices (predominantly cinnamon), smokey facets, boozy accords, fruits, and honey, but Royal Tobacco takes this fragrance genre and turns it upside down, offering us something truly modern and innovative, yet retaining allusions to the past. I feel Amouage has embarked on a new journey of redolent discoveries inspired by the ever-resilient noble heritage and culture of Oman, and I can’t wait to see what comes next from this house. If you love tobacco in fragrances and are looking for something different and exceedingly memorable, something elevated and full of class, please get your nose on Royal Tobacco.

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