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Amphorae: A new series of exotic attar by Xerjoff

Xerjoff has just announced a new upcoming fragrance project for this summer. This new addition to the house’s portfolio of perfumes will be called Amphorae, and it will consist of six different attar entries under its umbrella. Amphorae will be a limited collection release that is made for those with very refined taste. 

The word “Amphorae” is of Greek origin, and it refers to a vase-like container that was used to store the most valuable possessions back in the day. Hence, the collection was named so; to highlight the precious and prestigious note composition involved in making those six attars since only precious and rare oils were implemented in Amphorae’s blends.

Sergio Momo Xerjoff

Each of Amphorae’s attars reflects the energy of a particular semiprecious stone symbolized with a different cap design for each attar bottle in the collection. The whole set gives off this luxurious vibe that screams purity and class. Those six distinctive attars have their unique characteristics that make each stand out.


Amphorae 16:

Key notes: Vanilla From Madagascar, Cypriol From India, Indian Jasmine Sambac, Haitian Vetyver, Musk Infusion, Oud Blend Of Cambodia, Udomsai Laos.

The first of the bunch is Amphorae 16.  It is a seductive scent that brilliantly mixes fruity and floral notes. This attar oil celebrates the Indian jasmine extraction with the accompaniment of a woody and earthy Indian cypriol. With musk at its core, Amphorae 16 paves the way to hints of Cambodian oud and Madagascar vanilla. It is an attar blend that combines modern and classic blending styles.


Amphorae 17:

Key notes: Davana, Violet Leaves & Amber, Incense From Oman, Myrrh & Benzoin From Siam, Tonka Beans, Australian Sandalwood, Vanilla From Madagascar & Musk.

As far as Amphorae 17 goes, it is a promising oriental blend that has this warm and resinous feel, enhanced with fruity davana and violet leaves distillation. It is a graceful attar that flaunts its appeal thanks to the many facets of Tonka beans, sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla.


Amphorae 27:

Key notes: Cloves, Black Pepper, Cumin, Calabrian Bergamot, Brazilian Orange & Cardamom, Nutmeg & Ylang-Ylang, Bulgarian Rose, Patchouli From Singapore, Musk, Vanilla From Madagascar, Civet & Ambergris.

Amphorae 27 is a proud, dark and sensual attar that will surely overwhelm the senses with its unique wood, spices, and the musky presence. Its complexity lies in the inclusion of ylang-ylang on top of nutmeg, cardamom, amber and Bulgarian rose, which brings this scent closer to the average perfume lover.

Amphorae 39:

Key notes: Brazilian Orange & Cardamom, Cloves, Black Pepper, Cumin, Calabrian Bergamot, Nutmeg & Ylang-Ylang, Musk Infusion & Vanilla From Madagascar.

Amphorae 39 is all about the fusion of rare and aged musk as well as Mediterranean citrus. This attar emits deep energy that is complex in design and enchanting in its effect.  The inclusion of exotic spices, flowers and a touch of sweet vanilla. This particular attar is best worn alongside other attars from the collection since it acts as an overlay for the other attars. Some noteworthy notes are Brazilian Orange & Cardamom, Cloves, Black Pepper, Cumin, and Calabrian Bergamot.

Amphorae 48:

Keynotes: Amalfi Lemon, Grapefruit & Calabrian Bergamot, Egyptian Geranium, Bulgarian Rose & Osmantus, Cedar And Patchouli From Singapore, Vanilla From Madagascar & Benzoin From Siam

For the next attar in the collection, Amphorae 48 provides the fans with a modern appeal while retaining a romantic aspect to it. This romanticism is further highlighted through the use of soft notes, like vanilla alongside cedar wood, Siam benzoin and a bit of patchouli. This attar pays homage to roses thanks to Bulgarian rose, blended with Egyptian geranium and osmanthus.


Amphorae 56:

Keynotes: Birch Bark, Brazilian Orange, Patchouli From Singapour, Incense From Oman & Vanilla From Madagascar, Cypriol From India & Musk

This attar is purely powered by Leather and chocolate notes. Amphorae 56 is also complex in nature; the scent gently and periodically spreads and slowly reveal its full potential. It is an attar for the extroverted fans out there thanks to an extremely intriguing aroma. Amphorae 56 proudly flaunts its patchouli, incense and vanilla facets; all carefully blended with Indian cypriol. It is a scent for all seasons, and it is guaranteed to lift your spirit up and change your mood 180 degree.

The new Attar collection is currently available on Xerjoff official website in 6ml for each.

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