We Are Tribe for men
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Benetton We Are Tribe Intense: A New Take on the Old Formula

House Benetton have been working on a new fragrance addition for men which will surely shake the perfumery market. Having seen such great success with the initial release of We Are Tribe Eau de Toilette, the brand has decided to follow that gem up with a much more intense and richer version that will cater for a wider segments of fans who probably did not vibe with he Eau de Toilette counterpart, introducing We Are Tribe Intense.

Just like its predecessor, the intense version draws inspiration from sentiments of freedom and unity, as well as living your life to the fullest with no restrictions or limitation, a true individualistic appeal that is unabashedly true to oneself and far removed from dogmatic fears.

We Are Tribe Intense by Benetton the new fragrance for men

The new We Are Tribe Intense is the brainchild of the talented perfumer Bérénice Watteau. The goal was to create a more masculine rendition of the original formula, hence some fundamental changes were made to the note composition, creating a remarkable aromatic, Fougere scent worthy of your money.

We Are Tribe Intense Benetton new fragrance for men

The top notes now include Lavender and Mint instead of Salted Grapefruit, Kumquat, and Pink Pepper that were present in the original Eau de Toilette. The middle notes now Artmesia, Carrot seeds, Iris, Elemi, and Liquorice instead of the lavender and basil, and last but not least, the base now has Leather, Vetiver, and Guaiac while the dry amber was excluded from this release.

We Are Tribe Intense Benetton new fragrance for men

We Are Tribe Intense will be available this month in case you wanted fragrantic options for your next purchase. It is definitely a perfume for the strong willed who are ready to challenge any difficulties that might come their way.