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Billie Eilish is Set to Release Her Own Fragrance This November

Developed under Parlux, Billie Eilish is set to release a completely vegan and cruelty-free fragrance called “Eilish” in November. The fragrance is currently available for early access on her website, billieeilishfragrances.com.

Coming off the heels of a terrific collaboration with Tekashi Murakami and Uniqlo, Eilish is finally entering the perfume world. Eilish is a perfume lover as she’s shot a multitude of videos where she outlines her favourite fragrances.

Eilish told Cosmopolitan in an interview that she “was chasing this idea of this ambery colour, this dark brown caramelized thing. I wanted it to feel cozy, almost like the word November. This brown word and month—almost like tree bark.”

Eilish” is going to be all about Vanilla. As per Cosmopolitan, the fragrance features top notes in the fruity accord family. The heart is where Eilish’s love for Vanilla comes to fruition, pairing creamy Vanilla with soft Spices and rich Cocoa. Finally, Musk, Tonka Bean and sleek Wood complete the base.

Billie Eilish new fragrance
Billie Eilish’s new fragrance

The bottle itself is a statement that belongs on your shelf as art, not tucked away in a box. “Eilish” is designed like the bust of a woman, excluding all the anatomy below the breasts and above the nose. It comes in a sleek, gold finish and has a slit through the midsection, presumably for the atomizer.

On Instagram, Eilish detailed the fragrance as one “that I’ve been chasing for years and years. This is my favourite smell in the world.” The gourmand fragrance will retail for $68 USD and will be available in North America, Australia and the UK.

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