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Boss The Scent Magnetic for Men and Women: A Dark Trail of Seduction

Well, here we are again. The German clothing giant Hugo Boss has yet another release before the end of the year. I just wrote an article on Hugo Jeans around 10 days ago. Thankfully, these two releases are from the Boss the Scent line, and this is the best line that the brand creates, in my opinion. The two releases are called Magnetic, and they appear to be dark and sweet scents like their predecessors.

Boss The Scent Magnetic
Boss The Scent Magnetic

Boss the Scent Magnetic for Men:

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Maninka fruit is the name of the game with this flanker. The berry-like aroma of this fruit is the integral part of this series and it makes another return here. An interesting accord of bran absolute is featured in the heart. The very thought of that beacons my mind to the marketing of Harvest Mouse by Zoologist, but I doubt this one will usher in the aromas of an autumn grain harvest. A base of enticingly dark and sweet black vanilla rounds out the scent. Sweet amber and leather to form the final trail of this cold-weather concoction.

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Boss The Scent Magnetic

This perfume looks to be centered around the Maninka once again, with a supporting cast of amber, leather, and the bran absolute. I can’t say how bran will work in this, because I am unsure. It might not even be noticeable, or it might serve as a dry edge to the sweet fruit and vanilla, which would work to make them smell less aggressive. The leather might be smoky, such as in the previous release from this line Boss the Scent Le Parfum.

The use of bran seems intriguing and innovational, but I doubt it will be present enough to take this into niche territory. However, anyone from this line is worth a try because they punch above anything else from the house, in my opinion.

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Boss The Scent Magnetic


Top – Maninka Fruit

Heart – Bran Absolute

Base – Leather, Amber, and Black Vanilla

The bottle arrives as a dark black cylinder with cool golden accents. It honestly looks amazing and I do hope the scent matches the bottle. It will come in 50ml and 100ml sizes.

Boss the Scent Magnetic for Women:

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Boss The Scent Magnetic

The women’s version arrives with the fruitiness of osmanthus, which is a personal favorite note of mine. Too bad it’s hardly used. Alas, it is in this one, and it’s melded into a warm combo of ambrette seed and white musk with sweet ambery touches.

This fragrance, if the listed notes are all it contains, appears that it could be unisex. Well, both of them could be, if we get down to it. This appears to be a fruity musk with amber, which is always a safe bet, but without the inclusion of something as unique as the Maninka in the men’s version, this could just be another flanker that falls into obscurity if the osmanthus is not a star in the blend.

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Boss The Scent Magnetic

This version is presented in a purple bottle with the same cool golden touches that the men’s one has. I think the touches on the cap with the Hugo Boss logo on the top really give this presentation some class. I guess the purple-hued glass, which is traditionally a royal color, helps with that imagery in my mind. It’s available in 30ml and 50ml sizes.

Why are the women’s ones smaller? Who knows?

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Boss The Scent Magnetic


Top – Osmanthus

Heart – Ambrette Seeds

Base – Amber and White Musk

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What do you think about Boss The Scent Magnetic? Has this line been a success so far? Which is your favorite? Are you excited for this one or just think the line has had too many releases at this point?