Bulgari LeGemme Empyr
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Bulgari Le Gemme Empyr

Bulgari is welcoming a new addition to their evergrowing list of great, manly fragrances. Along with being synonymous with their fine jewellery and fashion, Bulgari has emerged as a top-tier fragrance house. Their new release, Le Gemme Empyr, adds to their extensive lineup of scents.

Photo of Bulgari Le Gemme Empyr in front of soot, wood and ashes
Taken from an advertisement on Ounass

Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud has produced a woody, citrus scent for late-night endeavours and chilly winter days. The scent creates a sexy musk with the help of Orange on the top and Ginger in the middle. To conclude, a hefty dose of Sandalwood and Benzoin. In unison, the four notes project a creamy, effervescent sillage. 

The bottle is classic Bulgari with a black exterior and golden accents. The taper towards the top of the bottle seems to be crafted in order for a sleek, comfortable feel when spraying. It is very reminiscent of Bulgari Man in Black, which is another powerful, manly scent from the house. 

bvlgari le gemme empyr eau de parfum
Taken from an advertisement on Ounass

Le Gemme Empyr is a sophisticated fragrance with a great deal of potential. The LVMH conglomerate member is bound to produce great scents in the future and they’ve begun the year well with this fragrance. This stunner is available in a 100ml size and is ready for purchase on Ounass. Le Gemme Empyr retails for 1,358 AED after VAT or approximately 370 USD.

Source: Ounass: The definitely home of luxury

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