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Burberry Her EDT: An Exciting Way to Conclude 2021

The London-based fashion house has recently released a new flanker to their popular 2018 release. Burberry Her EDT is a gourmand fragrance for women, marking the fifth fragrance to be a part of the Her line.

Burberry Her EDT features an exact replication of the other bottles in the line, apart from its colour. While the original release and the Eau de Parfum variant opt for bright pink, the EDT joins Blossom and Intense in a matte colour scheme. The bottle itself is coloured olive green, with a dark, almost washed-out hue.

Burberry Her EDT
Burberry Her EDT: The New Release

On the top, Burberry Her EDT features notes of Green Pear, Strawberry, Black Currant and Pink Peppercorn. In the heart, Honeysuckle pairs with familiar friends, including Peony, Rose and Lily of the Valley. Finally, Musk and Cedarwood conclude the new release.

From the top, it appears as if the EDT is taking bits and pieces from the other variants. The original release features Strawbery and Black Currant. As well, we can find Pink Pepper in the Blossom release. Green Pear seems to be a unique note that is new to the line.

Burberry Her Eau de Toilette
Advertisement for Burberry Her EDT

In the heart, the EDT utilizes the entire breakdown from London Dream, adding two more florals to the mix. The original, 2018 release uses Violet and Jasmine in its heart, while the Intense variant follows suit with simply Jasmine.

Finally, the Musk accord remains a constant amidst three of the other releases, excluding Intense. The use of Cedarwood is unique to the line, as others utilized different woody aromas such as Oakmoss and Patchouli.

Burberry Her EDT is currently available at select department stores across the U.S.A, specifically Macy’s. The fragrance retails for $85 USD and is a 50ml atomizer bottle.

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