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Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum: Adventure Awaits you Ladies!

The highly regarded house Burberry has just announced the newest entry into their “Burberry Her” line of fragrances. After the massive success of Burberry Her Eau de Toilette, which was released earlier this year, and after the discontinuation of the Eau de Parfum Intense edition in 2019, which was led by the ironically talented perfumer Francis Kurkdijan, Burberry launched a new collaboration with the remarkable duo, Jérôme di Marino and Maïa Lernout, to try and come up with a much more intense version of Burberry Her Eau de toilette that will definitely appeal to those specific fans who would love to try an enhanced version of this masterpiece. And so, the house finally unveiled Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum.

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Top notes: Red and Dark Berries

Middle notes: Jasmine

Base notes: Vanilla, Amber 

With Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum, the house promises an even bolder, more daring and sensual formula that speaks to their modern women audience. What differentiates this release from its predecessor is how the fruity gourmand elements of the note composition are made even more passionate and intense thanks to the inclusion of dark red berries and jasmine alongside the mesmerizing vanilla and amber, offering a sweet and inspiring floral and fruity blend

Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum
Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum

The philosophy behind the  “Burberry Her” line is to empower women through self-exploration and unrestricted freedom, power wrapped in style. It is a perfume for those who are adventurous by nature. Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum also captures the spirit of the wholesome and buzzing cosmopolitan London. It is a call for epic adventure fueled by notions of curiosity and optimism.

Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum
Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum

Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum enhances this empowering feeling that was introduced in its Eau de Toilette counterpart. This outstanding scent is truly befitting sensual a woman who is not afraid of the unknown, jumping right into the fray, free-spirited and yearning for the next thrilling adventure, leaving behind her an irresistible aroma that leaves people desiring more.

Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum
Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum

Burberry Her Elixir de Parfum arrives in a sleek-looking bottle, colored in creamy pink. A visual presentation that screams femininity and passion.

Burberry her Elixir will be available starting from September in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml Eau de Parfum Intense.

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