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Burberry Her Elixir Review: Be The Femme Fatale

In 2022, Burberry launched a fruity gourmand version of their original Burberry Her, introducing Burberry Her elixir.

I wasn’t expecting much of this flanker, and I almost passed on it, but I’m glad I didn’t. This proved to be one of my most satisfactory purchases to date. This ultra-feminine creamy white floral allures your intimate olfactory senses and triggers your fascination for the fruity gourmand territories that this scent not only embraces but also perfectly nurtures with almost every nuance.

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Burberry her elixir

Burberry Her Elixir shares similarities, in terms of sweetness, with the original release, but it takes a different route right from the outset. Her Elixir has a luscious and fruity opening of juicy strawberries and black current. The fruity nuance in the opening almost gives off a strawberry milkshake aroma without any overwhelming sweetness. It’s somewhat condensed, textured, and lactonic and gets more beautiful as the Jasmin surfaces.

The delicate floral heart of jasmine deepens the composition and matches the opaque finish of the bottle. Jasmin, in this release, does not force its bold and dominant side to the composition, but adds its free-spirited sensual aura just as much as the composition needs. In the base, we have beautiful vanillic amber, where everything settles down to mesh into each other, making it a wholesome and comfortable experience for the wearer. I don’t detect the woody notes here, and nothing about this scent came off quite woody to my nose, and I think that’s why I love it for what it is. You could say I get the intent behind this white floral creamy dazzle. 

The scent is an all-year-round floral and only for white floral lovers who love the creamy facets of this genre. Despite supposedly being a gourmand composition, it smells quite balanced and sweet with a decent projection and performance. The best part about Burberry Her is its first two hours of delightful trail that follows you everywhere and has the potential to garner quite a few compliments for it being a likable feminine scent.

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Burberry her elixir

Burberry Her Elixir has a versatile quality that works in favour of the likeability factor and has enough oomph to earn a dressy attire. I love to wear it on casual occasions, and I always feel beautiful when I wear it. It will make a wonderful beachy summer scent, and the heat makes it smell more gorgeous. I neither find it ground-breaking nor is it an ordinary white floral, but the nonlinear development of the composition makes it worth trying without really hurting your budget. It’s a sound designer release for 2022, if not the greatest, and I suggest that white floral lovers try it out.