Bvlgari Man Rain Essence fragrance for men
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Bvlgari Man Rain Essence: Bvlgari’s New Elemental Fragrance

Bvlgari has always been a solid house, in my opinion. They have so many stunning fragrances under their belt that I can’t even begin to name them. It seems like they are imitating different aspects of nature with their most recent editions to its Man line that hold the Essence tag on them.

Bvlgari Man collection

Terrae Essence was inspired by earth, Glacial Essence by ice, and Wood Essence by Trees. Wood Neroli doesn’t hold the Essence name, but perhaps it was meant to be a part of the series. If so, I think it might have been inspired by the sun. However, The Italian powerhouse’s newest scent has no sunny days ahead because it is inspired by rain. It is called Rain Essence. I bet you didn’t guess what the inspiration was before I told you, did you?

Bvlgari Man Rain Essence new fragrance for men
Bvlgari Man Rain Essence

Although it is inspired by rain, it seems to be more centered towards a summer rain. Judging by the notes, I would say this scent leans more on the fresh side than ozonic. The fragrance opens with springy green tea and fresh orange, which creates the grass and sunshine that paints a picturesque photo of a summer rain. White lotus blooms in the heart, which bestows more greenery with a touch of wet earthiness and the shimmer of crystalline musk. The base grounds the scent with a mineral amber accord and guaiac wood.

As you can see, this scent looks like it would be a “white” scent. A pure scent that allows you to relax with its delicate tones of peace. I imagine this scent to be vaguely grassy with clean watery accords throughout and a touch of earthiness. Judging by the inspiration and the notes, it makes sense…At least in my own mind.


Top – Green Tea and Orange

Heart – White Lotus and Crystal Musk

Base – Guaiac Wood and Mineral Amber

Bvlgari Man Rain Essence fragrance for men

I have always loved the Bvlgari Man bottles and this one doesn’t disappoint. Although, I do like the Glacial Essence bottle more, but blue is my favorite color. Rain Essence comes in silvery version of the standard Man bottle. It has see-through glass as the rest of the line does. The Bvlgari text that on the top front of the bottle has an almost polished silver look to it.

Bvlgari Man Rain Essence is currently available at Macys website in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.