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Eyes Closed by Byredo: An Echo of Ancient and Modern

The contemporary Swedish house of Byredo has introduced a new olfactory experience, Eyes Closed. which derives inspiration from emotions that shed the physical realm and touch us at our core. The pure blissfulness of seeing love for what it is, based on the mind and not what you see with your eyes is the theme for this entry into the brand’s expansive portfolio.

Byredo Eyes Closed
Byredo Eyes Closed

“Distance and separation have been recurring themes over the past few years; I wanted to capture a scent that supersedes this fragmentation. Pulling away from screens that imitate closeness, we might be more in tune with each other if we simply close our eyes and shut out the physical world.”

– Ben Gorham, Founder & Creative Director, Byredo

Byredo Eyes Closed
Byredo Eyes Closed

Byredo Eyes Closed notes:

Top notes: Cinnamon, Cardamom

Middle notes: Carrot, Orris Butter, Ginger,

Base notes: Patchouli, Papyrus

The fragrance seeks to affix the emotions in a swirl of modern and ancient accords that creates a complex perfume which evokes the sincerity of affection. Cardamom and cinnamon, two of the oldest fragrance ingredients that are still incorporated flawlessly in present-day compositions, creates a warmed skin sensation. Carrot, orris butter, and ginger coordinate with a top that transcends the idea of dominance, instead it opts for a heartfelt complement to the concoction. Papyrus and patchouli create a classic, yet surprising airy embrace.

“Closed eyes is a motif in my photography. I’ve always liked it – there’s a vulnerability to it. Sleep, ecstasy, laughter, death… All the clichés, but it does evoke all sorts of emotions; some things that are left unsaid only felt, both for the person in the picture and for the one looking.”        

– Alasdair McLellan, Photographer

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Byredo Eyes Closed

The bottle design evokes the typical cylindrical minimalist style that Byredo is known for. A lean white label with simple black lettering adorns the front with a jet-black cap. The Eau de Parfum is available on the Byredo US site for $200 for 50ml and $280 for 100ml. It is also currently available in Europe as well.