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Cabriole by Hermes: When Youth Meets Class

Hermes is making an unprecedented move with their upcoming fragrance release. The house announced its first fragrances for children. This new and novel release will arrive in Eau de Senteur, which is basically scented water. The new release will roll out under the name Cabriole. It is a delicate and luxurious scent that promises to bring Hermes’s expertise in perfumery to a new and younger generation.

Cabriole by Hermes

The concept behind Cabriole is to create a time capsule that holds within it our most precious memories. This release promises extraordinary appeal, which comes as no surprise since Christine Nagel, the much celebrated and brilliant French perfumer and director of creation and olfactory heritage for Hermès Parfums, is the mastermind behind Cabriole.  It is memory catalyst that will take the wearer back to those long-forgotten memories, hidden within our subconscious.

Cabriole by Hermes

As far as the note composition is concerned, Cabriole creates a perfect blend of floral notes like osmanthus and the sweet and fresh honeysuckle. Moreover, the inclusion of sandalwood adds a hint of sophistication and class to this juvenile scent. This delightful mix creates an apricot scent that is both pleasant and comfortable for children. Evidently, the main drives behind Cabriole’s conception are boundless curiosity and bold experimentation.

Cabriole Hermes Childrens Perfume 2 1024x576 1

With Cabriole, Christine Nagel aims to create an unmatched bond between parent and child thanks to its highly distinctive and comfortable nature. According to Nagel, he steered clear from the typical orange blossom notes in favour of more expressive osmanthus and honeysuckle, and the result is a refreshing scent that is accessible to children.

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Cabriole arrives in the brand’s iconic transparent glass bottle with the typical black cap, however, for this release, house Hermes collaborated with the illustrator, Alice Charbin, to create beautiful artwork that is suitable for child sensibilities. The artwork shows a child mounting a unicorn with colorful butterfly hovering around him.

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