Eternity Reflections for women and men by Calvin Klein
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Calvin Klein Eternity Reflections for Men and Women: A Mirror of Sunny Smiles

Well, I guess Calvin Klein has done away with the Eternity and CK One Summer flankers, in a way. They were replaces last year with Summer Daze, which I enjoyed both of, and now they are releasing Reflections. I do enjoy this change as it makes the scents more memorable, plus the marketing is more attractive.

calvin klein eternity reflections new fragrance for men
Eternity Reflections Calvin Klein

The men’s version opens up with green fairy absinthe, with a heart of chocolate that melds into sandalwood and oakmoss. I know what you are thinking, I was confused too. What is green fairy absinthe? Apparently, it’s a brand of absinthe or a reference to what some people call the drink. Either way, absinthe adds a layer of freshness and intrigue to everything it touches.

Eternity Reflections for women new fragrance
Calvin Klein Eternity Reflections

Bitter wormwood, fresh fennel, and anise would be the best way I could describe absinthe, at least in the fragrance form. The highly suspicious note is chocolate. Why put a rich gourmand note in a summer perfume? Well, why not? It’s apparently a mint chocolate note from what I could tell, which makes sense when combined with absinthe, which can read a bit minty at times as well.

All in all, I will be checking this one out. I have enjoyed the direction that Calvin Klein has taken the men’s line in recent years, and this looks to be something new. I love the fresh and playful summer scents they make, but I am certainly down for something unique.

Eternity Reflections for women new fragrance
Calvin Klein Eternity Reflections

The women’s version doesn’t hold the same shock factor as the men’s one, but it certainly does look appealing to me. A blast of freshness greets you in the opening, with their sparkling brightness lifting up jubilant nectarine and juicy peach. Gorgeous jasmine then adds a sunny kiss to the blend, with a signature woodiness from sandalwood closing out the party.

Eternity Reflections for women new fragrance

This one doesn’t have anything new, but I would say it is exciting. I love peach and jasmine, and when you mix it with citruses, you have a return to the joyously casual scents that Calvin Klein is known for with these flankers. A scent that fits perfectly with making memories with your crew, while the smiles are abundant, and the laughs are many.

Calvin Klein Eternity Reflections for women and men are currently available at Macys in 100 ml Eau de Parfum for women and Eau de Toilette for men.

What do you think about these two new flankers from the brand? Do you think this is a good direction from the brand or should they stick with a formula that has worked in the past?