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CH Hot Hot Hot: The New Duo From Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera has released two new fragrances under the CH line, both of which are titled CH Hot Hot Hot for women or men respectively. The new fragrances are limited edition, featuring a more robust, less cluttered note breakdown and a gorgeous exterior.

Carolina Herrera CH for men was released in 2009, as a partner for CH for women which was released in 2007. Both scents were derived from Amber, while the men’s scent had a spicy undertone and the women’s scent featured florals.

Carolina Herrera CH Hot Hot Hot
Carolina Herrera CH Hot Hot Hot for men and women

The newest release for men strays away from the original, as it is deemed as a woody, leather scent. On the top, there are notes of Grapefruit and Pepper. Below in the heart is Rhubarb, Angelica and Violet Leaf, while Vetiver, Leather and Sandalwood complete the base.

CH Hot Hot hot for men and the original release both carry a Grapefruit note on the top. As well, the flanker’s entire base note breakdown is found in the original. Based on the note breakdown, the new flanker may smell slightly similar to the original upon first spray.

But, once dried down, the fragrance will hone in on its roots of Vetiver, Leather and Sandalwood, presumably creating a very earthy, manly fragrance. CH Hot Hot Hot appears to be a modern interpretation of a manly scent.

Carolina Herrera CH Hot Hot Hot
Carolina Herrera CH Hot Hot Hot for men

The release for women maintains a similar differentiation to the men’s release. At the top, CH Hot Hot Hot for women has Grapefruit, Aloe Vera and Raspberry. In the heart, there are notes of Neroli and Ylang-ylang. Finally, Coconut, Myrrh, Vanilla and Sandalwood conclude the base.

While the 2007 release for women was an amber, floral fragrance scent, the new flanker maintains the floral categorization, although it differs by entering the oriental family. The note breakdown appears to be a bit spicier and woodier. The pair share notes of Grapefruit on the top and Sandalwood on the base.

Carolina Herrera CH Hot Hot Hot for women
Carolina Herrera CH Hot Hot Hot for women

Both fragrances have received a new bottle design featuring velvet exteriors. The men’s release features orange velvet that is covered with green patchwork in the shape of snakes. The women’s fragrance has a similar design, although the velvet is pink and the patchwork represents a flower.

CH Hot Hot Hot for men and women are available in a 100ml bottle. The women’s release retails for $109 USD while the men’s release retails for $96 USD.

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