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A Detailed Review and Breakdown of Chanel N°22

Whenever Chanel is the topic of discussion, it’s hard to pick a favourite release. I genuinely feel there are only a few brands with the same level of allure as Chanel. The iconic French fashion house has represented the epitome of elegance in luxury fashion, beauty products and perfumes.

chanel n 22 review
chanel n 22 review

Over the years, the brand has released more than a hundred and thirty perfumes and many of which have garnered the house massive acclaim and weight among industry giants. In this review, I will talk about my favourite Chanel offering, which dates back to 1922 and was composed by Earnest Beaux.

“Chanel N°22, whose composition is based on white flowers, is invited to symbolize White Look. It is believed that this composition, numbered 22, was, amongst others, presented to Coco Chanel by Ernest Beaux. Still, as her first perfume, she chose composition no.5. Chanel N°22 was launched in 1922, a year after the famous Chanel N°5.”

Back in 2020, when I first had the chance to try Chanel N°22, which is now part of their exclusive line, I knew that eventually I will have to own this fragrance. Fast forward to 2022, I finally bought this perfume, which I consider now my most precious Aldehydic dream. It is a creamy, fizzy, silky smooth version of the original Chanel N°5 with added spirit and freshness. Chanel N°22 is undoubtedly more approachable than its peers and maintains its fascinating aroma throughout the wear.

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Chanel N°22 opens up with a burst of Neroli, Orange blossom, and a rich mix of Lily of the valley and Jasmin Sambac. The floral top and heart are fortified with sparkling Aldehydes, which still gives off a vintage vibe but with modern twist. The florals on the skin get stronger as time goes by but don’t fade away so quickly. In most perfumes, more often than not, we tend to get a whiff of base notes about 2 to 3 hours of having the scent on you. However, in Chanel N°5’s case, the aldehydes alongside all the beautiful white florals, linger for a while.

Towards the end of a 3 to 4 hours run, the florals get softened up, and the woodsy base emerges and takes hold. The earthy Vetiver note subdues the floral mix as the fresh and clean Iris unveils its soft and cloudy features. There’s a subtle sweetness from the Vanilla note, but it comes towards the very end just to lay low on the bed of a clean woody linen sophistication.

Chanel N°22 is for the aldehyde and white floral lovers. Even though it’s not as strong as Chanel N°5 or Coco Chanel, it makes a vehement statement regarding sillage and longevity. It’s a signature-worthy scent and a fragrance that can carry itself all year round without compromising the glamour quotient. 

I love wearing it in the spring and summer mornings after a long calming bath, and my wanderlust instantly takes me on a walk along the garden path in the Loire valley, dressed in my beautiful, floral printed and maxi summer dress. 

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