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Sycomore Parfum: Chanel’s Classic Re-explored

The prestigious French house, Chanel, has just unveiled their latest contribution to the fragrance scene for this summer. This time, the brand is looking retrospectively into their successful catalogue of fragrances and decided to reintroduce one of their most cherished and iconic creations, Sycomore Eau de Parfum. This new version will be called Sycomore Parfum.

Sycomore Parfum
Sycomore Parfum

The talented, in-house perfumer, Olivier Polg was assigned as the lead behind this project in which he aims to re-envision the masterpiece that is Sycomore and refine it into a much more precious and intense version than its predecessor, Sycomore Parfum. This is all thanks to a smart and innovative approach to the note composition as well as the visual representation of this new rendition.

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Sycomore was first introduced to the world in 1930 by the perfumer, Ernst Beaux with the assistance of Coco Chanel herself. Being true to its namesake, Sycomore is a love letter to the beauty of autumn and the tree after which it was named. It is a throwback to the house’s roots; a scent that takes you back to the lands of Auvergne, where Coco spent her childhood. This particular spirit was captured in all its glory with the use of exquisite raw materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Sycomore owed its charm to a number of components, from violet to tobacco, with some help from aldehydes and balsamic wooden, giving this scent a smoky and earthy dimension. It is an extremely elegant thanks to the cypress note, resulting in a scent that’s solid and masculine. The new version, Sycomore Parfum, will further enhance this aroma with the addition of iris which is subtly enhanced by leather and vanilla.

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Sycomore Parfum will only be available in extremely limited quantities, making this release a rare collectible item. The packaging will also see some distinctive tempering showcased through an ultra-limited version case as well as Baccarat a crystal bottle, sealed with a nice baudruche and stamped with the Chanel double C. The bottle comes in a fancy coffret, embroidered by the Maison Lesage artisans.


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