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Chopard Cedar Malaki: A New Adventure in a Mediterranean Forest

Chopard is one of those brands that we forget about, but we shouldn’t. The French brand has quite a few impressive releases, and they are priced affordably for what you get. The newest iteration of its Malaki Collection is Cedar Malaki, signed and sealed by the legendary Alberto Morillas.

Chopard Cedar Malaki fragrance for women and men
Chopard Cedar Malaki

Cedar Malaki is a song sung through the picturesque forests of the Mediterranean. Incorporating the noble cedar essences from Lebanon and Morocco, the fragrance has the region built into its core. A kiss of fresh grapefruit, with the warmth of cardamom greet you upon the initial sprit.

One cannot be inspired by the Mediterranean without lavender, and Master Morillas is certainly no stranger to this, being of Spanish descent. The heart showcases the two noble tree extracts to transport you to the fabled woods that we have longed to venture to. Earthy patchouli lays the groundwork, which is bolstered by labdanum and tonka bean to add depth.

Chopard Cedar Malaki fragrance for women and men

Cedar Malaki seems like a fragrance that will be difficult to execute poorly. I fully expect this release to be beautiful. I may be biased though. I love cedar, and the idea of a Mediterranean forest outside of Italy and France excites me. This won’t be a hit with everyone though, but for those who love a warm woody scent with a resinous feel, this could just be the scent we are searching for. If they are using realistic cedar essences and not jamming it full of iso e super as a cheap copy, it will be one that is at least worthy of the sample list.


Top – Grapefruit, Cardamom, Lavender, and Artemisia

Heart – Moroccan Atlas Cedar and Lebanon Cedar

Base – Cypriol, Labdanum, Tonka Bean, and Patchouli

Chopard Cedar Malaki fragrance for women and men

The newest rendition of the Malaki Collection comes in a dark green bottle, signifying the incredible depth of cedar trees. The standards Malaki bottle is used once again, which its luxurious touches of gold on the cap and neck, as well as the calligraphy on the bottle. The fragrance costs a mere $122 on the Harrods site.