Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum
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Chrome Eau de Parfum: Azzaro Adds More Freshness to the Chrome Line

Azzaro has released Chrome Eau de Parfum which dedicates itself to moments of authenticity and the value of a father-son bond. The house describes the relationship as unique, referencing Loris Azzaro and his grandson Romain in their advertisement.

Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum is designed to capture the glory of its predecessor. The bottle is square-shaped, designed with a slight indentation at the midway point. Ocean blue liquid sheens through the see-through glass. The bottle is finally topped off with a silver cap that is shaped similarly to the bottle.

Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum
Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum

Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum utilizes a very straight-to-the-point note breakdown. The house mentioned that they used “Noble ingredients,” in their advertisement. At the top is a bitter Sevillian Orange and Sweet Lime. Down in the heart is animal Musk and the base concludes with Mate Leaves. The latter features notes of Grass and Tobacco due to the environment it’s grown in.

The original release in 1996 used a classic aquatic breakdown. Bergamot and Musk are the only two notes that transfer from the original cologne to the Eau de Parfum. At the top, the citrus is boosted by Pineapple and Lemon. The fragrance also utilized key notes of Cardamom, Neroli and Cedar.

For a more recent comparison, Azzaro released Chrome Aqua in 2019 and Chrome Intense in 2015. Aqua is a very different scent and one that doesn’t deserve a deep dive. Intense on the other hand utilized Bergamot and the very unique Mate note. Amidst the base were Mate, Musk, Amber and Woodsy notes.

Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum
Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum

Azzaro Chrome Eau de Parfum is currently available on the companies website. The fragrance is available in a 50ml and 100ml bottle that is fitted with an atomized spray bottle. 50ml of Chrome EDP costs around $57 USD for 50ml and $73 USD for 100ml.

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