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City of Stars: Louis Vuitton Places LA on a Pedestal With Their Latest Release

Parisian luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has released City of Stars, a festive ode to a surreal night in Los Angeles. The City of Angels is world-renowned for its shimmering skyline, star-studded boulevards and unworldly extravagance. The nose on this scent is master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud who curated On The Beach for Louis Vuitton in early 2022. 

Louis Vuitton City Of Stars
Louis Vuitton City Of Stars

Alike the rest of the Louis Vuitton fragrance collection, City of Stars is packaged in a bottle that is reminiscent of a lavish gin or rum. The elixir within the confines of the bottle is an unknown colour due to the pink and purple ombre effect on the exterior. At the top is the standard, lacquered cap with the LV monogram etched in with gold ink. 

“As darkness falls, the city’s lights surge in a sensual olfactory tableau. A citrus quintet dazzles like a thousand flashbulbs: lemon, blood orange, red mandarin, bergamot and lime swirl and dance, gradually succumbing to the Tiaré flower’s voluptuous embrace.”

– Louis Vuitton Product Team

City of Stars celebrates LA’s magical lure with a composition of citrus notes that blend with woods and other dense accords. At the top, a bombardment of citrus approaches your nose. Lemon, Lime and Bergamot coincide with Blood Orange and Red Mandarin.

Louis Vuitton City Of Stars
Louis Vuitton City Of Stars

In the heart is the sole note of Tiare, which is a delicate white flower. Otherwise known as Tahitian gardenia, Tiare possesses a rich and creamy profile that is similar to Tuberose. Finally, the scent concludes with the classic duo of Musk and Sandalwood. 

Louis Vuitton offers City of Stars in two grandiose sizes. Both the 100ml and 200ml bottles are flacons, with a controlled dropper system stowed away under the cap. Louis Vuitton also provides customers with the opportunity to refill their bottles at select stores. The 100ml bottle retails for $280 USD and the 200ml retails at $410 USD. 

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