ck one and eternity summer daze review
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CK One and Eternity Summer Daze Review: High Heat Pick-Me-Ups

Calvin Klein is a brand that just about everyone knows, it’s a household name for both clothing and fragrances, partially due to the success of their fragrances in the late 80s and 90s. Two of those fragrances, CK One and Eternity get a summer makeover each year.

While most of the releases have gone unloved by the fragrance community, there are some shining stars. In 2022, they decided to stop using the summer name on the line and gave them proper names, with this iteration being called Summer Daze, which is a play on “summer days”.

CK One Summer Daze comes in the same bottle as the rest of the line, but clothed in a vibrant orange that is a good representation of the liquid held within. A bright and juicy mandarin refreshes your senses on the first mist. It is listed as a kumquat note, but it doesn’t smell like it to me.

It’s likely just a generic citrus note that they labelled as that to make it seem more interesting. The mandarin is uplifting and is met by a pinch of musky soapiness. The heart reveals cooling mint with the slight bitterness of black tea. The base of fresh grassy vetiver with an almost citric bite keeps the citrusy facets alive well into the final moments of the scent’s lifespan.

Ck one summer new fragrance for women and men
CK One and Eternity Summer Daze

CK One Summer is a joyfully energetic cocktail, sipped among friends in the summer while smiles abound. It’s a memory of some of the best times in your life. There is nothing original or groundbreaking about the scent, but you don’t have to break barriers to make a good fragrance.

Ck one summer new fragrance for women and men

It’s a casual scent that doesn’t take itself too seriously and smells good while doing it. It also performs quite well for a citrus scent, clocking in at around 7 hours. It may not be the best option on the market, but it’s cheap in the US, and it brings a smile to me face each time I smell it. You just can’t really put a price on that.

CK Eternity Summer Daze also comes in a bottle that represents its heritage, while sporting an aquatic blue liquid to signify the contents of the perfume. An opening of mandarin peels transcends into fresh mint leaves and cool lavender. The base note of calypsone embodies a cool breeze and a sweet, yet fresh watermelon that dominates the scent.

The Eternity version embodies a seaside getaway with a cool breeze. The shade of an umbrella and a glass of ice-cold watermelon tea in your hand while you just enjoy life. If the CK One version is fun in the summer sun, then the Eternity one is the shade after you have soaked it up all day and need to rest.

ck eternity summer daze new fragrance for men
CK One and Eternity Summer Daze

The use of calypsone is beautifully executed in a juicy and hydrating scent that cools you down, even on the sweatiest of summer days. Much like the CK One version, it isn’t breaking any barriers, but there is nothing wrong with it either. I reiterate that you do not need to make a groundbreaking scent in order to make a fragrance that people love. Eternity Summer Daze is lesson in relaxation, and we could all use a little more of that in our lives.

ck summer daze collection
CK One and Eternity Summer Daze

Calvin Klein is turning a new page. Maybe they aren’t creating statement makers such as Obsession and the original Eternity, but they are crafting good fragrances. The Summer Daze collection is an example of that. However, the sad truth is that these scents will get overlooked by people claiming that they only last 10 seconds, which simply isn’t true.

I am aware that people have different skin types and sometimes these statements are sarcastic, but I haven’t met a scent that lasts under 3 hours for me, outside of 4711, which isn’t meant to be a wearable fragrance. The fragrances are outstanding for their price, and I happily wear them because of the joy they bring me. I have already logged around 14 wears of the CK One version, and considering the size of my collection, that is no easy task. The perfume is just that much fun to wear with a white tee and jogger shorts.

ck eternity summer daze for men
CK One and Eternity Summer Daze

I couldn’t ask for anything else from the iconic American brand, except to bring back one of their mojito-fueled coconut scents from the past years. Even without those, I will still buy Calvin Klein’s summer releases because they continually impress me for the rice, and trust me, you can do much worse with scents that come with a higher tag on them.

What do you think of these two fragrances? Have you tried any of the other summer flankers? Would you like to see me review more? I plan on doing a summery Calvin Klein