Clive Christian Launches Two New Fragrance Additions
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Clive Christian Launches Two New Fragrances

In case you’ve been living under a rock, perfume lovers around the world were pleased to learn that out of the brilliant minds behind Clive Christian, springs a new duo of fragrances on the scene, Introducing new Noble XXI Art Deco perfumes, Blonde Amber and Amberwood.

In celebration of the opulence and the boundless energy of the Art Deco era, comes two newcomers to the Noble Collection which encapsulates a dazzling atmosphere in a perfumed cloud that instills thoughts of venture and grandeur, taking the wearer on a journey of epic proportions.

Inspired by the Precious Perfumer’s ingredient of amber, those two perfumes resonate with the beauty of mottled glass and bright ambers. From the beading of a flapper dress, sharp angular mirrors, to the tints on the décor, amber was both a celebrated colour and material throughout the roaring 20s.  Embodying the blazing spirit of the Art Deco era, with raw decadence captured in every note, Blonde Amber and Amberwood radiate an effortless allure in a celebratory unison of art and architecture.

Clive Christian Blond Amber
Clive Christian Blond Amber


A warm amber, spiced up with smoky blonde tobacco serves as a prelude to the story of Art Deco decadence. An uprising of flourishing florals and dried fruits clash in a mash-up of exquisite ingredients, resulting in a blend that indulges your senses. A bold and flourishing perfume that is sweet, sensual and smoky with an aromatic twist that continues to dazzle long into the night. Inspired by the infamous paintings of Tamara de Lempicka, a 20th-century Polish artist, this perfume invites angular and bold colours with a charming fluidity that runs throughout.

This 25% perfume contains 219 of the finest perfume ingredients.

“Top notes of bitter orange, sparkling Pink pepper and rum create a delectable opening. Bitter orange is a favourite note found in chypres such as Blonde Amber and colognes as it lifts fragrant florals with an energizing sweep of freshness.”

A riot of flourishing florals from tuberose, jasmine and Osmanthus melt into dried fruits and saffron for a delicious heart.

Joining the melee of fine ingredients in the base are vetiver, incense, leathery labdanum and the praline richness of Tonka beans – historically soaked in rum to create the precious crystals of coumarin that give the distinct flavour to this gourmand note,” says the Clive Christian team.

Clive Christian Amber Wood
Clive Christian Amber Wood

A smooth and almost translucent amber is enhanced with rich and opulent woods, freshened up with aromatic sage and bergamot. A hint of Tonka, Oudh and tobacco emanates from the base, evoking a sense of warmth to this beguiling perfume. This is a versatile perfume that captures the decadence of the Art Deco era with sparkling top notes that simultaneously trigger a joyous spark of clarity as the woodsy natured notes unravel with each minute of your day.

This 25% perfume contains 145 of the finest perfume ingredients.

“A vibrant and refreshing top from Calabrian bergamot, pink pepper and angelica seed which imparts both an aromatic note as well as musky soft green woods with just a hint of sweetness. Angelica is also a powerful fixative, ensuring the ingredients work better together and helping boost this sublime scent.”

A strand of sage runs from the heart to the base using three different extractions of this herb, sacred to the Romans.

With fresh green tones, this ingredient gives a sweet balsamic yet aromatic touch for comforting freshness. Silvery sage is enhanced with rich and opulent woods and whispering musks.” By Clive Christian.

Clive Christian Art Deco Blond Amber and Amberwood are available at the official website in 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

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