Colonia Laboratory
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Colonia Laboratory: Experience Youthful Italian Art With This New Acqua Di Parma Collaboration

Acqua Di Parma has linked up with the Istituto Europeo di Design, or IED, to release 300 unique, 180ml bottles of Colonia under a new project titled Colonia Laboratory. This rare opportunity gives consumers the chance to work one-on-one with their choice of six emerging Italian artists.

Colonia Laboratory by Acqua Di Parma and IED

Head over to the companies website where you follow a simple three-step plan! First off, you must choose your fragrance. The house offers the choice of Colonia or any of its counterparts such as Pura, Essenza, Intensa, C.L.U.B. and Futura. 

The Acqua Di Parma Colonia line is chock-full of fresh, clean and invigorating citrus fragrances for different occasions. While the original is smooth and suave, its brother, Futura, is more rustic and nippy. Pura is on the soapier side whilst C.L.U.B. is a minty powerhouse. Finally, Essenza has an old-school, gentlemanly feel and Intensa is made for those who enjoy life in moderation.

Colonia Laboratory by Acqua Di Parma and IED

The next step in the process is to select your artist! On the website, each of the artists is profiled alongside some of their work. Some of them opted for animals as a muse while others focused more on their culture. 

My personal favourite of the bunch is Margherita Caspani, an illustration and animation graduate from IED. “I had two main inspirations, prehistoric cave paintings depicting hunting scenes and gladiator imagery from ancient Rome. I imagined a playful fight between men and wild beasts, an interaction that inexplicably turns into a colourful and curious friendship,” said Caspani on the company website. 

Artist Claudia Bernardi for Colonia Laboratory

Once your artist is selected, you’ll have 20 minutes alone with them to personalize your design! The sky is truly the limit. 

Finally, once the design process is over, the bottle will be complete and you’re able to take it home. Acqua Di Parma offers an online personalization as well for those who aren’t able to make it in person. If you opt for the online option, the bottle will simply be shipped to you for free.