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Davidoff Cool Water Oceanic Edition: Ocean Piers and Waves of Rose

Davidoff’s Cool Water line has been quite successful, or at least I think it has. They keep making more of them, so they must be making money. I tried counting them one time, but I gave up. I would guess that they have around 60-70 flankers with the Cool Water name between the men’s and women’s version.

It’s hard to keep up with them and differentiate between the inspirations at this point. I am sure that they all smell pleasant, and people probably love them, but at some point it just takes the excitement out of a new release. Enter he Oceanic Edition for Men and & Women, the newest addition to the Cool Water family.

Davidoff Cool Water Oceanic edition new fragrance for men
Davidoff Cool Water Oceanic Edition

The men’s version begins with oceanic notes to invoke that summertime beach vibe that most of us crave, which melds into a heart of salty driftwood and base of woody vetiver. A fairly simple note breakdown, but it makes me think of a pier. Woody vetiver for the dry wooden docks, the driftwood for the wave-worn legs, and oceanic notes that represent the water itself. I could be wrong, and that is often the case, but this could actually have potential to me if I happen to have sage-like powers to predict the future.

Davidoff Cool Water Oceanic edition new fragrance for men
Davidoff Cool Water Oceanic Edition

The bottle arrives in an oceanic blue colored fragrance, that gives life and character to what looks like a clear glass bottle. The fragrance is said to contain 95% natural ingredients. It is available in a 100ml size for € 60.50.

The women’s version also starts out with a fresh blast of foamy sea water thanks to an oceanic accord, and it also transitions into a heart of salty driftwood and an elegant rose. My impression of this one is either rose kissed by salty waves, which probably doesn’t sound appealing on paper, yet it would likely be executed well.

The other way I could see this going it  a pier scent, same as the men’s, but with the delicate rose serving as a a woman placing one in her hair while soaking up the sun’s rays by a dock. Again, I am probably wrong. If my predictions are correct, then I might have to buy a lottery ticket, and I don’t even gamble.

Cool Water oceanic edition new fragrance for men and women
Davidoff Cool Water Oceanic Edition

The feminine iteration comes in a lighter blue bottle, that makes me think of the ocean meeting the sky, with the same bottle as the original version of women. This version isn’t claiming 95% natural ingredients, which would make sense since it likes the rose as a “rose accord”, and natural rose is quite costly. Oceanic for women also comes in a 100ml that will run you € 60.50.

I am not sure that these two fragrances will capture our heart like the original Cool Waters, but that doesn’t mean they will be unfit. However, sometimes you need a shakeup to discover something new. They both have driftwood, which is a note that I adore, and they might be the first Cool Water flankers to feature it.

I have seen several perfumes with only 3 notes listed be incredible scents. Could these two scents be part of that group? Are you excited for another Cool Water flanker, or do you think Davidoff needs to move on and produce something new?