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Cool Water Reborn: Davidoff Rejuvenates the Cool Water Line

Davidoff, a Multifaceted Swiss perfume house, has released two new flankers of their most infamous fragrance for both men and women. Cool Water Reborn is a series of fragrances that enlists the powers of the ocean to cross into a new age of modern perfumery.

Cool Water Reborn Man is packaged in a similar bottle compared to the rest of the lengthy Cool Water line. It features a diagonal, ombre colour blocking scheme that begins with black at the top and blue at the bottom. At the top is a black cap, and right below is a block of writing exclaiming the company’s name and fragrance title.

Davidoff Cool Water Reborn
Davidoff Cool Water Reborn Man and its counterparts

This new flanker features vital notes of Rosemary, Galbanum, and Vetiver. Although Rosemary is a staple note in the original release, this new flanker still offers two very new accords to the line. Galbanum is an accord known for its intense green aroma and balsamic elements. On the other hand, Vetiver has a dehydrated, earthy type of aroma which exudes a lot of woodiness.

Cool Water Reborn Woman follows the same trail set by the men’s release. It’s packaged in a bottle that is akin to the original. The bottle has a flowy midsection, starting wide and becoming more narrow near the top. Light blue juice shines through the clear bottle before being topped off by a chrome cap.

Davidoff Cool Water Reborn
Davidoff Cool Water Reborn Woman

Bergamot, Rose, and Vetiver are the three main notes in this new release. The first two aromas are new to the line, helping this 26-year-old juice feel young again. Vetiver was initially found in the base of this release alongside keynotes of Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Bergamot plays into the brand’s goal of achieving a modern take on classic juice. It has an inherent sweetness mixed with a complex zest and freshness. To help the floral side, Rose has a profound, sometimes dark effect on scents. It can play to its thornier side at times, while it may also err on the side of beauty and springtime freshness.

Cool Water Reborn For Women
Davidoff Cool Water Reborn Woman

Davidoff Cool Water Reborn Man and Woman are available at select boutiques across Europe. Both scents are concentrated as Eau de Toilette’s and attached with atomizers beneath the cap. Cool Water Reborn Man retails at $52 USD for 75ml or $75 USD for 125ml. Cool Water Reborn Woman sells for $52 USD and $75 USD depending on if you reach for the 50ml or 100ml.

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