D.S. and Durga Cowboy Grass
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Cowboy Grass: A Brief Review of D.S. and Durga’s Star-Studded Release From 08′

Whenever I’m lucky enough to receive sample sets, there’s usually one fragrance that stands out. At Zoologist it was Musk Deer, Imaginary Authors has Saint Julep and Fragrance du Bois caught me happily off guard with Santal Complet. Today, it was Cowboy Grass from D.S. and Durga. 

D.S. and Durga sent me Volume 1 of their classic hits, which involved six terrific fragrances packaged in a cigarette-style box. Each and every fragrance from that collection deserves its own article. However, we must start with my favourite by a long margin. 

D.S. and Durga Cowboy Grass
D.S. and Durga Cowboy Grass

“American sagebrush, flowering white thyme, and prairie switchgrass from the wild western territories. Perfect for robbing banks on horseback.” 

When I heard the name of the scent, I really had no clue what to expect. I enjoy smelling the fragrances and then looking back at the breakdown in order to dissect whatever I just smelled. 

Cowboy Grass produces an accord that reminds me of sweet hay and smoking trees. I was in awe almost immediately after smelling the fragrance on my hand. It was manly and strong but in an artisanal sort of way. 

On paper, it kicks off with Rosewood, Wild Thyme and Bergamot which make the scent begin with an aromatic trait. It’s very inviting, although you should be prepared for it to change drastically. 

D.S. and Durga Cowboy Grass
D.S. and Durga Cowboy Grass

Then, it moves to Sagebrush, Basil and Rose Otto in the heart. Another continuation of this heavenly aromatic aroma which almost has a medicinal effect upon first smell. Some say it is reminiscent of Tiger Balm, a topical medication that is used in many East Asian households. 

Finally, the scent concludes with Vetiver, Grass and Ambergris. These three accords are what make up the fragrance through its dry-down and into the rest of its life. Here is where the scent begins to move into a bit more of an earthy, smoky and rigid feel. 

After reading these notes, you can see that the scent transforms and almost lives two lives on your skin. It begins aromatic, inviting and summery before moving towards earthy, natural and smoky. I would recommend this scent be worn all year round, with special attention given in the spring. 

D.S. and Durga Cowboy Grass
D.S. and Durga Cowboy Grass

I think it’s a great pick-me-up fragrance with the capability of making all of those around you swoon or ask curious questions. I would also like to add that it leans more on the masculine side although I believe that it can be worn effortlessly by all genders. 

D.S. and Durga Cowboy Grass is available in two sizes on their official website and in select boutiques or department stores across North America. 50ml is $175 USD on their website which is around $3.50 USD/ml. However, the 100ml retails for $260 USD which is $2.60 USD/ml.

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