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Creed Wind Flowers: A New Release Takes Centre Stage

Parisian niche house Creed has released Wind Flowers just 4 months after the announcement date. Olivier Creed and his team issued a statement last October, stating that the fragrance took more than 5 years to develop!

Creed took inspiration from Lauren Cuthbertson, an English ballet dancer who currently holds the title of Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet in London. Creed studied Cuthbertson’s fluid and dynamic techniques on stage, eventually using it as the catalyst for Wind Flowers.

Creed wind Flowers Lauren Cuthbertson
Lauren Cuthbertson for Creed, Wind Flowers

Cuthbertson moves both with agility and power, dominating the stage with persuasive movement. Her presence is felt from the front row, all the way to the top of the balcony. For Lauren, perfume is not only a step in her routine, it’s a way to tell a story.

“The short scene holds a great contrast that I must quickly express to the audience. Perfume helps me perceive and express time and place better than any outfit or accessory,” says Cuthbertson.

Wind Flowers is presented in a romantic bottle, walking a thin line between poise and strength. The bottle is shaped similar to a teardrop, with a harsh change in outline to accentuate the juice in the bottom. In the middle, the Creed logo is stamped dead centre with the fragrance’s name running across the top. The cap has a very intricate design at the base that looks reminiscent of a bow.

Creed Wind Flowers
Creed Wind Flowers

The captivating fragrance from Olivier Creed utilizes sweet Jasmine, fresh Orange Blossoms and savoury Peach at the top. In the heart are notes of Tuberose, Rose essence and warm Sandalwood while the base concludes with rich Iris, dense Musk and creamy Praline.

Creed Wind Flowers is set to be released to the public on March 1st, 2022. The fragrance is equipped with an atomizer beneath the cap and is only available in a 75ml bottle. The price of the fragrance is currently unknown.

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