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Crystal Saffron by Matiere Premiere: A light that Shines in the Darkness

French house, Matiere Premiere, of fashion and perfumery has just revealed their latest contribution to the fragrance scene. They have just announced the upcoming launch of Crystal Saffron. This release is expected to hit the market with a bang thanks to house Matiere Premiere’s constantly evolving approach to note composition.

Matiere Premiere Crystal Saffron 
Matiere Premiere Crystal Saffron 

Crystal Saffron’s main attraction is the Greek saffron oil on which this fragrance is centered. The oil is extracted from the dried stigmas of the circus flowers in the Kozani region in Greece, perhaps one of the most exquisite saffron around the world. Diving deeper into its notes, the house revealed that Crystal Saffron will also include Musk habanolide which acts like a dark and alluring backdrop to highlight a brighter side of the fragrance by enhancing the glow of saffron.

Matiere Premiere Crystal Saffron 

As for the Ambroxan note, it was specifically implemented to bring about a comfortable dimension to the scent as well as addictive thanks to the inclusion of spicy elements. Another oil was also used in Crystal Saffron’s formula, incense oil from Somalia. This Somalian incense oil was used for a more vibrant sensation and longer projection, accompanied by a smoky and woody presence. This release embraces this dichotomy of the bright saffron with the dark incense. Crystal Saffron’s bottle design flaunts that crystal-bright appeal through transparent glass and a white label, contrasted with the black cap and brand’s and release’s names printed in black, further the dual nature of the perfume, light and dark.

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Crystal Saffron is expected to be officially available on 6ml (EUR 29) and 100ml (EUR 195) as Eau de Parfum on October 1st in Europe and later for the rest of the world.

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