Dior Homme Sport
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Dior Homme Sport Review: Enjoy a Refreshing Touch of Summer with Racecar Like Intensity

With warm weather right around the corner, men are beginning to look for the summer signature that makes you feel like a Playboy. Thankfully, Christian Dior has answered your question before you could even ask it. Dior Homme Sport is a new release from the house which I was able to sample this past week.

In terms of packaging, the bottle looks the same as always. It’s a sleek, rectangular bottle with sharp lines and the classic bold line which runs overtop the atomizer. The “sport” in Ferrari red is a nice touch that is anything but subtle. However, it speaks to the sportiness of the juice within it.

Dior Homme Sport
Dior Homme Sport

Robert Pattinson is the face of this release, speaking to his career resurgence. The star actor landed the role of Batman in DC’s latest hit movie and posed for one of Dior’s staple scents. He’s come a long way since portraying Edward in the Twilight series!

Anyways, Dior Homme Sport is a scent that I was very excited to sample. I’ve always been a fan of sportswear in fashion, Stone Island in particular. Sporty fragrances are a very nuanced category that features many different variations and takes. Historically, the sporty fragrance category revolves around critical characteristics like masculinity, flirtation, and freshness.

The new release from Dior opens with a lone Bergamot note to kick off a fresh and playful release. Then, Sport transitions into Elemi and Pink Pepper which continues the fresh characteristic, adding a green touch with citrus. Subsequently, the fragrance concludes with Frankincense and some general Woody notes.

Dior Homme Sport
Dior Homme Sport

Generally, I don’t want to continue smelling fragrances beyond a few critical times of the day. It’s a process that takes many, many hours and usually involves me asking others if they can smell my fragrance at specific points of the day.

However, after testing Dior Homme Sport, I needed to take a sample home and wear it to completion over the next few days. It was a genuinely fantastic fragrance that played into the transitioning weather exceptionally well.

I was most impressed by its ability to effortlessly transition from citrus to woods while still maintaining a fresh base and overall sexiness. The Bergamot note comes across as very strong in the opening, although it is followed by an aroma that makes it appear as if it had been dipped in sugar.

Then, the fragrance transitions into a clean, slightly soapy scent with small touches of woods and natural herbs. I was delighted by the Pink Pepper accord, which added a nice touch of spice to the gentle woods.

Dior Homme Sport
Dior Homme Sport

If I could describe the woods, I would say it was a clean Cedarwood accompanied by small doses of Patchouli and Oud. However, I would compare the Oud to the one found in Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud. They’re both very, very soapy and clean. Another excellent example of the scent’s soapiness is Prada L’Homme.

As a whole, the fragrance reminds me of what we would expect Jeremy Fragrance to smell like. Picture him stepping out of his Red Ferrari, wearing his gold Rolex and a white suit with the top few buttons undone. He appears very clean, distinguished yet playful, and essential, exactly like Dior Homme Sport’s main features.

Dior Homme Sport
Dior Homme Sport

Dior Homme Sport is available internationally at various Dior boutiques and other fragrance establishments. The scent is available in 75ml, and 125ml, containing the Eau de Toilette concentrated juice and an atomizer. The 75ml retails for $85 USD while the 125ml sells for $114 USD.

What do you think of this release? Will you add it to your collection? Let us know in the comment section below.

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