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Dior J’adore X India Mahdavi

Dior has cooperated with French architect India Mahdavi to reinvent a new limited edition bottle collection of the iconic fragrance, J’adore.

The renowned architect and designer has created an ultra-limited series of 1,000 pieces, each one uniquely numbered and handcrafted in Murano.

Dior J'adore X India Mahdavi
Dior J’adore X India Mahdavi

“When you hear ‘J’adore’, you think of course of the eponymous fragrance. But let’s not forget the first meaning: it’s a cry from the heart – the cry of emotion, faced with something that appeals to all of our senses, that seduces us and transports us,” explains India Mahdavi.

“Each piece is a marvel of savoir-faire and modernity that welcomes J’adore Eau de Parfum infinissime, the composition of François Demachy: an infinitely floral and voluptuous signature, a perfect echo of the infinitely sensual and modern creation of India Mahdavi.”

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Dior J’adore X India Mahdavi

“J’adore eau de parfum infinissime has a unique, voluptuous charm derived from Grasse Tuberose. By including it in the composition of J’adore, I created a romantic encounter: as if J’adore were “seducing” the intriguing Tuberose, embracing it, reinventing it, giving it light. It is the immediate mark of strong and confident femininity,” says François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur of Dior.

Dior says that “Mahdavi combines softness and roundness in an endless, hypnotic movement.” The bottle uses warm gold which bends and weaves around the sensual J’adore bottle. Mahdavi boldly seizes the infamous bottle, celebrating its success in an artisanal fashion. “All of the savoir-faire of Salviati and its historic Murano master glassmakers, at the service of 1,000 unique pieces, marvels of savoir-faire and modernity.”

Dior J’adore X India Mahdavi will be available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum at the official website of Dior.

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