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Dior’s Trio Fragrances Reintroduced To a New Generation by Francis Kurkdjian

House Dior has been trying to experiment with their already well-established backlog of perfumes. They retrospectively examined the formula of three distinctive older releases and thought about how they would redefine them for today’s audience. The releases that they have chosen are Cologne Blanche, Eau Noire and Bois d’Argent. These three represent three iconic Dior flowers; iris, orange blossom and lavender.

Scents refined to perfection that Francis Kurkdjian wanted to reunite for the first time since their creation in a set with a sober design featuring the signature white of La Collection Privée.

Dior Original Triology
Dior Original trilogy

Dior made a brilliant move by getting in contact with Francis Kurkdjian and agreeing on a collaborative effort once more, but this time, as the creative director. We have covered this news earlier on our website, but today we are going into more details about it. Francis is getting back in action with Dior to stir the pot once again and find new prospects for the three selected fragrances and how he could intensify their pure and luminous appeal.

Dior Original Triology
Dior Original trilogy

This reintroduction, not reinvention, does not stem from the fact that these fragrances are outdated. The notion behind this campaign was not to change Dior’s history but to update it for a new age. In a nutshell, the identity of the perfumes remains as original as they were introduced back in the day.

Dior Original Triology
Dior Original trilogy

Exceptionally produced in a limited series, this trilogy revives the founding notes of La Collection Privée Christian Dior: signatures refined to perfection that Francis Kurkdjian wanted to reunite for the first time since their creation in a set with a sleek, understated design. The trails of the 3 fragrances revisit with elegance and originality the fundamentals of perfumery: notes of lavender, orange blossom and iris.

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Cologne Blanche 2022

Dior Cologne Blanche:

Notes: Orange blossom, violet and Amber

“Notes of orange blossom, violet and amber: Cologne Blanche unfurls a trail with inborn elegance for a sumptuous eau de cologne.”

“Cologne Blanche, 40 ml. This fragrance boasts a regal style, worthy of a salon at Versailles. A flawlessly elegant composition, Cologne Blanche unfurls a luminous orange blossom note enveloped in an intensely powdery violet accord. A skin scent, its lingering softness is like the caress of talc against a sensual ambery backdrop.”

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Eau Noire 2022

Dior Original trilogy Eau Noire:

Notes: Gourmand Accord, Lavender and Myrrh

“Eau Noire is wrapped in a gourmand accord around notes of lavender and myrrh, creating the perfect balance of its nocturnal scent.”

“Eau Noire, 40 ml. This fragrance akin to a nocturnal silhouette is reborn with a new impetus of three high-quality lavender essences and absolutes that enter into dialogue with the myrrh note and just the right dose of other gourmand notes to give it a chic, seductive effect.”

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Bois d’argent 2022

Dior Bois d’Argent:

Notes:Iris, Frankincense, Ambery notes

“The indisputable expression of universal olfactory elegance, Bois d’Argent is a fragrance full of endless surprises, carried by notes of iris and frankincense.”

“Bois d’Argent, 40 ml. Timeless yet avant-garde, the Bois d’Argent fragrance pioneered the concept of universal olfactory elegance. It’s a scent that you make your own, an addictive skin-to-skin effect. Dominated by an omnipresent and richly powdery iris heart note, Bois d’Argent is wrapped in a mystical frankincense note set against an ambery background.”

Dior Original trilogy

The Original Trilogy is exclusively available on the official website in a very limited edition, in a set of three fragrances, each fragrance bottle is 40 ml and priced at 360 Euro.

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