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Dsquared2 Original Wood: Flankers Coming Rapidly

Well-known Italian fashion house Dsquared2 has opted to put down their design equipment and release Original Wood. The fragrance is a flanker of the 2018 release, Wood for him, a citrus and woody fragrance that has seen multiple new renditions since its release.

Original Wood is packaged in a bottle that is reminiscent of the other fragrances in the collection. The cap is coloured deep black, accented with indentations that make it seem as if it is made out of wood. The bottle itself is coloured a fudge brown, adorned with Dsquared2 branding.

Dsquared2 Original Wood
Dsquared2 Original Wood

Original Wood utilizes a very new and unique note breakdown in comparison to the other variations. On the top, Aquatic Notes are paired with Violet Leaf and Cardamom. Below in the heart is Haitian Vetiver, Silver Fir and Cedarwood. Finally, Original Wood concludes with Amber, Patchouli and Musk.

When compared directly to Wood for Him, there seems to be a ton of differentiation. At the top of the 2018 release, citrus dominates the note breakdown, including Calabrian Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon and Mandarin Orange. In the heart, we find Violet Leaf, Cardamom and Ginger. Finally, the base finishes off with White Woods, Vetiver and Ambroxan.

The 2022 release is seemingly looking to take a darker route, utilizing more woods and spices in the note breakdown. There is still the apparent burst of freshness from the Aquatic Notes and Violet Leaf, which is looking to compete with the citrus trio from Wood for Him.

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Dsquared2 has released two other notable flankers titled Green Wood and 2 Wood. Green Wood uses its key notes of Lemon, Cedar and Vetiver in order to create a very approachable green accord. The same can be said about 2 Wood as it utilizes Citron, Silver Fir and Cypress to create a very fresh, masculine aroma.

Members of the fragrance community see the line as very youthful, usually woody and easy to digest. Original Wood is currently available at select online retailers, including Franks and Lyko. The fragrance comes in a 30ml, 50ml or 100ml sized bottle with an atomizer. 30ml of Original Wood will cost around $59 USD, 50ml will run you $76 USD and the large 100ml bottle is $99 USD.

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