Ecrin de fumee by serge lutens the new fragrance for women and men
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Ecrin de Fumee: The New Luxurious Perfume from Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens has created a lot of perfumes. To be honest, I forget half of the names because I don’t speak French, but the brand has churned out some incredible scents. From Ambre Sultan to Chergui, the Parisian powerhouse has made memories and brought them to life in scented form. I was quite sad when they said they were leaving the US market, but it seems that they didn’t. Thanks be to the perfume overlords for keeping the brand here. Okay, I digress. Enough of my random ramblings. Are ramblings always rando…never mind. Seriously though, Serge Lutens is releasing Ecrin de Fumee, and I expect this to be a drop dead a beauty of a perfume.

Ecrin de Fumee

“Quick, quick, the world is ending! Our very existence needs urgent tending. Amid the roar of the cannons, the champagne flows. Corks in the air, could they be aflame? Beneath the smokescreen, life is a decadent game.” – Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens has always adhered to steadfast minimalism in his design. This one doesn’t stay far from that path with tobacco, rum, and cacao being the only listed accords. The difference is that the brand uses amazing ingredients, so the depth of the scent is amazing, while also adhering to a linearity of sorts.

Encrin de Fumee the new fragrance for women and men by Serge Lutens
Ecrin de Fumee

The newest concoction from France is full of sweetened tobacco with the opulent kick of rum. A cacao note is something that the brand has favored, such as in Santal Majuscule. With the quote from Serge Lutens, it makes one wonder if he will be including a smoldering resin or wood to create a smokiness to the scent. It would certainly fit in this composition, and it seems like it would steer a bit more towards the masculine side, as the notes look gentlemanly and luxurious. That is not to say women couldn’t wear this one, but the breakdown looks like notes that men seek out for colder weather.

Ecrin de Fumee by Serge Lutens
Ecrin de Fumee

There is little doubt in my mind that this will be an amazing autumn scent, and i’m excited for the release, and even more excited that it is showing on the US site, although out of stock until it releases soon. The fragrance is listed at $64 for 50 and $248. It comes in the standard sleek bottle that adheres to the previously discussed minimalism that the brand believes in.