Juliette Has a Gun Ego Stratis
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Ego Stratis By Juliette Has A Gun: A true reflection of the inner selves

House Juliette Has A Gun of perfumery fame has just announced their latest, upcoming release just in time for the autumn season. The house proudly introduces Ego Stratis, a new fragrance for women. This release is expected to sweep both newcomers and old-time fans off their feet.

Juliette Has a Gun Ego Stratis

Ego Stratis, as the name suggests, addresses or tries to embody the complexity of women and the many shades of women’s personality and temperaments. Femininity is this big mystery that house Juliette Has a Gun attempts to decipher and decode and establish coherence out of this mystery inside every woman.

Juliette Has a Gun Ego Stratis

Top notes: Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon

Middle notes: Neroli, Marine note, Blueberry, peach

Base notes: Cedar, Amrboxan, Musk

The renowned Perfumer, Romano Ricci, explains his approach to creating Ego Stratis as a way of peeling the layers off of a woman’s character, revealing its many facets. It is a scent that embraces all the contradictions that go through the mind of a woman. It is an aquatic modern interpretation of colognes that emphasizes gender fluidity thanks to a dominant citrus note on a marine heart that lasts for long.

Thanks to this almost unisex appeal, Ego Stratis ensures a contemporary and unique scent that will satisfy the ego of the average modern woman. This is all made possible thanks to a plethora of varied citrusy top notes of Bergamot Essence, Mandarin Essence Lemon Essence, followed by middle notes of Neroli Essence, Calone, and Blueberry. The final phase of the dry down is made up of Cedar Essence, Ambroxan, and Musks.

Ego Stratis’ bottle design pays homage to its aquatic origins, with a gradation of the blue color, further amplifying that beach-inspired scenery, making this release really stand out amidst your collection.

Juliette Has A Gun Ego Stratis is currently available on the official website in 7.5 ml Travel size priced at 25,00 €, 50ml priced at 90,00 €, and 100ml priced at 120,00 € Eau de Parfum.

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