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Eilish No. 2: For Those Guys “That Just Can’t Get Enough”

Billie Eilish is perhaps one of the most prominent pop sensation in contemporary music due to her unique and formulaic style, both in her fashion choices as well as music. Having met huge success with her first fragrance release, Billie is launching a second fragrance under her name. This November, the pop star will release Eilish No. 2.

Eilish No. 2

Eilish No. 2 Fragrance notes:

Top notes: Italian Bergamot and Apple blossom.

Middle notes: Papyrus, Black Pepper, and Poppy flowers.

Base notes: Palo Santo, Ebony, and Musk.

Compared to its predecessor, Eilish No. 2 is a lot woodier to remind you of the Christmas tree and the joyous feeling you get upon sitting under the tree, unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. It also embraces its freshness thanks to apple blossom and Italian bergamot. Also with the inclusion of black pepper and spicy papyrus that contrast with wet poppy flowers.

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Miss Eilish wanted, for her second foray into the perfumery world, to create a scent that embodies everything that defines her. She wanted her fans to imagine what her scent could be like. She wanted a darker, spicier, and less comfortable scent. With water motif in mind, the aim was to create a gender-fluid scent that stands in contrast to the first release. This time, Eilish No. 2 will ditch the vanilla, warm and cuddly sensation of the first for a more passionate, darker, and rainy impression. 

Photo by Glen Luchford

Eilish No. 2’s bottle retains the same intriguing design of its predecessor but displays a darker shade of the sleek, metallic, glass bust of the upper body. According to Billie, these are her favorite body parts and she wanted to pay homage to her fascination with the human body.

Eilish No. 2 Billie Eilish
Eilish No. 2 Billie Eilish

Eilish No. 2 by Billie Eilish will be available in November 2022 on the official website in 100ml Eau de Parfum.


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