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Electimuss London: A Buyer’s Guide to the Emperor and Lustrous Collection

Electimuss London is a niche perfume house that prides itself on delivering intense and indulgent fragrances at relatively fair prices. They break down their fragrances into multi-scent collections that range from two scents to just under ten.

Due to the sheer volume of samples that I have graciously received, this buyer’s guide will be divided into multiple parts. Today, we focus on Emporer and Lustrous.

Emperor is described by the house as a set that is “Exquisite, rare and spectacular.” The two fragrances that make up this collection are absolutely stellar, as you will see below. The other collection, Lustrous, is blended solely by Christian Provenzano. Both fragrances in the set are masterpieces, making me excited to test the rest of the Electimuss collections.

Electimuss London Samples
How the Electimuss London samples are packaged

Electimuss London: Puritas by Christian Provenzano

Top: Elemi, Pink Pepper, Absinthe and Saffron

Heart: Olibanum (frankincense), Rose, Indian Tuberose Absolut, Geranium, Chinese Ylang-ylang and Egyptian Jasmine

Base: Labdanum, Patchouli, Tonka, Guaic, Vetiver and Amber

Puritas is a fragrance the evokes a feeling of rebellion, darkness and adrenaline. It begins to consume your personality, stripping off your smile and replacing it with a menacing grin. 

In the beginning, there is a very heavy Leather and Incense note that reminds me slightly of church. The subsequent reaction in my brain is to picture a gentleman in a hardcore, black leather jacket, flicking a cigarette into a burning building, walking away with swagger. 

As the scent progresses, there is an elevated woody accord that joins the mix, alongside Rose and light florals. There is a slight turnaround as the smoke from the incense is exchanged for more of an Oud induced smokiness. 

Overall a terrific fragrance for date nights or to accompany you on the day you decide to wear all black. It is not for the faint of heart, be prepared to be blown away by its Leather, Oud and woody characteristics which are top-notch.

Electimuss London Celestial
Electimuss London Celestial

Electimuss London: Celestial by Christian Provenzano

Top: Saffron, Raspberry and Black Pepper

Heart: Olibanum, Indian Rose Absolut, Bulgarian Rose and Pink Pepper

Base: Cedar, Paraguian Guaiac Wood and Tonka

This next creation by Provenzano seems to form a friendship with Puritas. Whilst the fragrance above was dark, ravishing and menacing, Celestial is a softer take on a woody scent that introduces a freshness upon the end of your sniff.

Celestial is the softer spoken friend, the one who accompanies Puritas on his wild adventures, but is often the voice of reason. The opening consists of florals that coat the outer portion of your nose, ranging in density and sweetness. Near the end, the Raspberry peers in to say hello!

The fragrance carries on as a slightly sweet, woody fragrance that derives primarily from Cedar, Tonka and Rose. Celestial is a fragrance that is very easy to digest, lasting quite a long time on my skin.

I would recommend this scent for daily use. It’s very approachable for those who have experienced niche quality and uniqueness before. As well, it sits close to the skin and won’t come out to bite.

Electimuss London: Octavian by Christian Provenzano

Top: Saffron and Pink Pepper

Heart: Taif Rose, Attar of Roses and Olibanum

Base: Amber and Oud

Octavian is a spicy, oriental fragrance that really threw me for a loop when I first smelled it. I let out an audible “Woah”, followed by a stretched-out “What?”

The fragrance is primarily spicy, although there is a very unique floral accord that settles beyond the spice. It seems as if the Rose Attar has taken over the heart, thrusting itself forward and announcing itself due to its purity. 

There is a subsequent Leather accord that comes to the surface, entangled with the slightly chalky sweetness that accompanies Amber. There is an aroma that I believe is produced by the Rose which reminds me of the stem that holds up the flower of love. 

That specific aroma is extremely unique and is one that plays with the rest of the accords very well. I would describe the Oud as being on the dirtier end of the spectrum, producing some smokiness and taking over when it needs to.

Octavian can be worn during colder weather, although I would say that fall is probably best. The uniqueness of some of the aromas is spectacular and like nothing that I’ve smelled before.

Electimuss London Amber Aquilaria
Electimuss London Amber Aquilaria

Electimuss London: Amber Aquilaria by Julien Rasquinet

Top: Bergamot, Mandarin, Peach and Cinnamon

Heart: Rose, Cognac, Jasmine, Neroli and Geranium

Base: Ambergris, Sandal, Vanilla Bourbon and Aquilaria Oud

Absolutely breathtaking! Amber Aquilaria is a fragrance that is worth every single penny. Off the top, you’re transported to Southeast Asia in which your experience begins.

It all starts at a restaurant. You’ve just completed a terrific meal and as you finish patting your belly, the server comes around with dessert. It appears to be some sort of cake. Shiny, golden-brown crust, baked to perfection and most importantly, topped with peaches and cinnamon.

You take a bite, enjoying every last bit of the succulent dessert. To conclude your meal, the server comes and offers you a thick, crystal glass that holds an amber liquid. You take the glass and as you purse your lips to enjoy a sip, you’re struck by citrus.

The combination of citrus and what ended up being cognac coats your nose and tongue, enveloping you in a surreal experience. After your meal, you take a walk outside to a garden that holds the Aquilaria tree. Sweet woodiness, slight smoke and a tad of freshness fill your nose, completing your sensory overload. 

Amber Aquilaria is a seriously, seriously amazing fragrance that you need to get your hands on. The Cognac accord mixed with Peaches and citrus off the top is incredible. The opening is a hard act to follow but is somehow trumped by the sweet Vanilla and woods. 


After testing the first four fragrances from Electimuss London, I am very pleased with my experience. As you can probably tell, if I were to purchase a full-size bottle out of the four fragrances above, I would get my hands on Amber Aquilaria.

Although Puritas is a close second, the Julian Rasquinet creation was stupendous, taking me on a journey across the world while sitting in my humble desk chair. Electimuss London is most definitely a house that deserves to have a few scents on your list of future purchases.

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