Atelier Cologne Encens Céleste
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Encens Céleste By Atelier Cologne: A Heaven-sent Scent

Atelier-Cologne, as a perfumery house, has stood the test of time with their multiple fragrance releases that have seen their share of great success. Out of these successful releases, the Collection Rare line has received exceptional praise by the fans for offering them formulas scarcely found in today’s market. This incited the house to come up with the sixth addition to this line. Most recently, Atelier-Cologne announced the upcoming release of Encens Céleste Eau de Parfum to show us what they can do with incense.

Atelier Cologne Encens Céleste
Atelier Cologne Encens Céleste

Collection Rare’s most selling point is its implementation of rich and high-quality ingredients, and Encens Céleste will uphold the same standards, according to the house. This fragrance celebrates incense and elevates it to an out-of-this-world state that is described as heavenly, hence the name Encens Céleste. It stands as a new and different interpretation of the atmospheric incense which fans are not used to.

On the snow-capped mountain, a mysterious smoke is raising up to the sky. Subtle yet fiery, the sacred incense dispels all inner worries,

Atelier Cologne
Atelier Cologne Encens Céleste
Atelier Cologne Encens Céleste

The concept behind Encens Céleste Eau de Parfum is the unlikely union of the typical freshness of Cologne and the longevity of essential oils on the skin. It creates this sophisticated dimension to freshness and softness that results in a comfortable scent that will last throughout the wear. The fragrance symbolizes a subtle dichotomy between the warm and the cold scents, a peaceful mind in a chaotic world,

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Key notes: Bergamot, Incense, Cistus.

As far as the composition goes, the inclusion of frankincense in Encens Céleste as a middle note takes centre stage for its legendary status among high-end fragrances thanks to its exotic origins. It creates a warm and unique sensation that scream luxury since the harvest process of the frankincense resin is very meticulous, for only the perfect resins are chosen. Afterwards, the purest of Frankincense essential oil is extracted thanks to carbon dioxide extraction technology, as well as long and low-temperature, preserving along the ways all its natural properties.

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Encens Céleste arrives in a blue-glass bottle that evokes serenity with a golden label and cap to further portray this image of luxury and richness, pretty similar to its sister fragrances in the collection.

The new fragrance is currently available on the official website in 30ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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