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Estée Lauder Collaborates with Disney to Release Solid Fragrances

Estée Lauder has released a collaboration with Disney featuring three compact powders and three solid perfumes. The “Magic of Mickey” collection features products created by luxury jewellery designer and photographer, Monica Rich Kosann.

The collection features three beloved fragrances: Beautiful Belle, Beautiful and Pleasures. All of which are encased in a stunning presentation, covered in Mickey and Minnie-themed details and contain Disney archived quotes.

Photo of beautiful belle, a new perfume from Disney and Estee Lauder
Beautiful Belle, taken from Estee Lauder

Beautiful Belle is a floral scent that features key notes of Lychee, Rose Petals and Gardenia. The fragrance is held inside of a vibrant coloured assortment of balloons. Hidden beneath the pile are the arms and legs of Mickey mouse.

“You’ll love the charming details of its packaging, such as Mickey’s moving hands and bejewelled shorts. Its fragrance is even better, comprising of a luxurious combination of lychee, mimosa, rose petals, orange flower, gardenia and marzipan musk,” says Estee Lauder in their description of Beautiful Belle.

Photo of Pleasures, a new perfume from Disney and Estee Lauder
Pleasures, taken from Estee Lauder

Pleasures’ bottle design shows Mickey’s counterpart, Minnie, enjoying a bubble bath in a pink tub. Once you crack open the top of the bottle, you’ll find a floral fragrance with White Peonies and Jasmine as the main components.

“Fresh as flowers after a spring rain, this solid perfume is a spirited blend of lilies, white peonies and jasmine, all tingling with the rare essence of exotic baie rose. When in need of a fragrance boost, just rub this floral sensation onto your pulse points,” explains Estee Lauder when describing Pleasures.

Photo of beautiful, a new perfume from Disney and Estee Lauder
Beautiful, taken from Estee Lauder

Finally, Beautiful concludes the solid perfume collection with a third floral scent. This one diversifies itself from the others with notes of Tuberose, Mandarin and Ylang-ylang.

Estee Lauder described the scent as “… a solid perfume that is made from a rich blend of rose, lily, tuberose and orange flower. You’ll love the charming details of its packaging, such as the moving wheels and the gold-tone decoration of Mickey’s face.”

These fragrances, amongst the rest of the collection, are currently available on Estee Lauder’s official website and at Harrods. The fragrances retail for a whopping $300 USD on the companies official website.

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