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For Him Bleu Noir Parfum: Narciso Rodriguez Releases a New Bleu Flanker

Narciso Rodriguez has added a new fragrance to the For Him Bleu Noir Line. The Parfum flanker joins the original, an Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Toilette Extreme. The For Him Bleu Noir range has seen three new releases since its introduction to the scene in 2015. Each of which features a drastically different note breakdown.

For Him Bleu Noir Parfum is bottled in the same packaging as the rest of the line, this time opting for darker tones. The cap is a midnight navy blue and the exterior portion of the bottle is coloured an almost icy grey with a blue tinge. Bleu Noir Parfum’s juice shines through the clear bottle, appearing a few shades lighter than the cap.

For Him Bleu Noir Parfum
For Him Bleu Noir Parfum

Rodriguez’s newest release fulfills its blue olfactory categorization through prominent citrus accords, intriguing woods and some rugged accessory notes. At the top, Bergamot and Mandarin cut through the pine accord that is created by Cypress. Down in the heart Musk, Iris and Suede act as a bond in the middle. Finally, Tonka Bean, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Leather and Blue Atlas Cedar complete its necessary woody accord.

For Him Bleu Noir, the original, used spices at the top, specifically Cardamom and Nutmeg. As we progress lower, We notice that the Musk accord is a common denominator in both of the fragrances. Finally, the woody base comes from Vetiver, Cedar, Amber and Ebony Wood.

The newest release shares notes of Musk, Vetiver and Cedar with the Eau de Parfum variant. Although Bleu Noir Parfum utilizes Blue Atlas Cedar specifically. In the Eau de Toilette Extreme, we notice that there are more similarities. Both use a Mandarin accord and the EDT Extreme has a general citrus note. As well, the Musk and Cedar carry on throughout the line.

For Him Bleu Noir Parfum
For Him Bleu Noir Parfum Amongst its Brothers

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir Parfum is currently available in two standard sizes: 50ml and 100ml. Beneath the cap lies an atomized sprayer which is found in both sizes. 50ml of Bleu Noir Parfum costs about $91 USD while the 100ml will run your card for $130 USD.

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