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Ford Releases a Unique Fragrance with Petrol Heads in mind

Ford’s perfumery team believes they have an answer to the ever-growing complaint regarding electric cars. With automotive companies slowly shifting their focus to clean energy, certain enthusiasts are vocal about missing key features. For some, it’s exhaust noises. But for others, 70 percent of surveyed drivers to be exact, the smell of gas will be dearly missed.

Ford  Releases a Unique Fragrance with Petrol Heads in mind
Ford Releases a Unique Fragrance with Petrol Heads in mind

The car manufacturer’s new fragrance, Mach-Eau, is a play on words of their Mach-E electric technology. The scent is intended to remind car enthusiasts of the smell of petrol, with a hint of Ford touch. As of right now, an official note breakdown does not exist in regards to top, middle and base notes but we have a fairly clear idea of what we can expect.

Ford chronicles the scent as being a gasoline-driven fragrance that, surprisingly, sounds pleasant. The company chose to use unique notes such as Almondy Benzaldehyde which is similar to the smell of a brand new interior. As well as Para-Cresol which mimics the smell of burning tires. The rest of the breakdown is reported to consist of Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood and Blue Ginger.

The fragrance is currently not for sale but based on the information provided, this sounds like an interesting release for the brand. Car companies tend to pump out generic and reliable scents but this release by Ford may flip the script. Look out petrol heads! Your new daily wear might be on its way.

Source: Ford Media

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