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Fragrance Du Bois Cavort: My First Impressions of this Stunning Holiday Release

This holiday season, Fragrance du Bois released four new fragrances, one of which being Cavort. The intimate scent showed up at my doorstep not too long ago, greeted by a smiling face and skin ready to be sprayed. 

The box is enclosed by a vivid, purple-coloured piece of cardboard that has the Fragrance Du Bois logo stamped all over it. In the centre is a gold square that bears the company name, the name of the fragrance and “Pour Homme / Pour Femme.”

Lift up the box and slide the cardboard off horizontally to reveal a similar design, this time in a midnight black colour. The box has a gold border, is stamped with the companies logo and reads “Pure Oud / Pure Luxury.

Then, lift the upper portion of the cardboard box, revealing a velvet box that resembles a watch case. The lower portion of the cardboard will drop like a drawbridge, making it easier to slide out your fragrance. 

After all of this unpackaging, you’re left with a simple, luxurious case. To open it, you simply lift the side that is marked with the Fragrance Du Bois badge in gold. Then, let yourself become awestruck. 

Fragrance Du Bois Cavort
Fragrance Du Bois Cavort

The alluring bottle rests atop a bed of blood-red silk, encased in its surroundings. Above the bottle is a card that describes the product’s legitimacy and the story of the house. 

On either side of the silk sheet, there are two pull tabs. Lifting those up will allow you to pull out the fragrance easier as it sits in a fairly snug position. Once out of its packaging, you’re able to experience the true beauty of the bottle.

The front label reads “Cavort” and “Fragrance Du Bois” in gold lettering, over a similar purple background that we find on the protective box. The bottle itself is made out of the house’s new bespoke, crystal glass and features an embossed logo on the rear, plus a 3D effect behind the label. 

Cavort’s cap could double as a paperweight on your desk. When you pop it off, your hand sinks as the sheer weight of the cap is extraordinary. It’s painted solid gold with black accents, and jewels are affixed around the bottom portion of the cap.

Now for the important part: The smell. Once you press your finger down onto the atomizer, you watch a balanced mist come out of the nozzle, spraying a generous amount of liquid onto your skin. At first glance, the fragrance has sweet, floral and citrus aromas. 

Fragrance Du Bois Cavort
Cavort Up Close and Personal

The top notes of Cavort are Saffron, Davana, Geranium and Cinnamon. Below in the heart is Rose Absolute, Orange Flower, Ylang and Jasmine. Although the beginning of the breakdown has a lot of spice, my nose seems to bypass all of this.

The Geranium, Ylang and Jasmine are extremely prominent notes which project a sweetness that is refreshing and easy to indulge in. The sugariness reminds me of gushers or scooby snacks as there seems to be an almost wax-like texture to the scent. As well, the Orange Flower plays the crucial role of breaking up the sweetness with invigorating freshness.

After three hours, the fragrance will lose its citrus body and will transition to woods and spices. The base notes of Cavort consist of Indonesian Patchouli, Labdanum, Sandalwood and Indian Incense. These four accords will come to the forefront and stay there until the fragrance fades into the abyss.

It will spend most of its life as a hyper-fresh take on a woody fragrance. Sandalwood and Patchouli are the superstars of the base, along with the Geranium and Jasmine which follow suit. Cinnamon and Saffron are introduced slightly after the three-hour mark, adding a little bit of warmth and oomph to the scent. 

Fragrance Du Bois Cavort
Cavort Photographed Around its Note Breakdown

Cavort projects at a level that I would deem above-average. It is a sexy scent that is well suited for day-to-day use, time spent out with friends or a night in with your significant other. I would say the fragrance leans more on the side of masculinity but can be worn by anyone.

The longevity is absolutely amazing and for those who love beast mode fragrances, this one is for you. It stayed potent on my wrist until the seven-hour mark! Beyond this time, I had to begin asking others if they could smell Cavort on my skin. The questioning would continue into the next day when finally, after an astonishing 18 hours, it had worn off. Cavort lasted through a day that consisted of grocery shopping, spending time with friends, working out, showering and sleeping!

Fragrance Du Bois Cavort is a marvellous fragrance that is packaged in an extremely luxurious way. The $391 USD price tag is quite hefty but, definitely worth it. You truly only need one spray on each pulse point, which would make the 100ml bottle last quite a long time. The quality of the ingredients is top-notch as you can tell that they are natural and chosen selectively.

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