Fragrance du Bois PM A Luxury wrapped up in Cashmere!
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Fragrance du Bois PM: Luxury Wrapped up in Cashmere!

Not a moment went by where I wasn’t looking at my watch. I sat around all day just waiting for this package to finally get delivered. Whilst simply twiddling my thumbs, my excitement was finally met by a knock on the door. I opened it rapidly and see a brown box on my porch. I opened the mysterious parcel and …

“Wait… what Is this? wow!” As you can tell by my first impression, PM a real surprise for me. I must be honest here, I did not expect it to be this good. I was stunned for a moment when I first got my nose on it.

PM is one of Fragrance du Bois’ latest releases in collaboration with a renowned producer Michael Blakey, also known as Producer Michael. He’s a musician, film producer, YouTuber and entrepreneur. Michael is a big fan of the house, almost every limited edition Swarovski covered bottle is sitting in his closet. That fact alone should tell just how dedicated he is. As a result, the pair teamed up and chose one of the most skilful master perfumers, Shadi Samra, to compose his signature fragrance.

Shadi has previously created some of Fragrance du Bois’ bestsellers such as fruity and joyful leathery “Milano” and a regal and upscaled rose “New York 5th Avenue”. I mean, knowing his work, I shouldn’t be surprised but I was a bit more hesitant about Michael’s taste in perfumery.

Fragrance du Bois PM
Fragrance du Bois PM

PM has a very nose-catching opening. It’s a very intriguing dance between ambiguous florals, green aromatic facets of Juniper, seductively spicy Cardamom and invigoratingly sweet citrus-like Menton Lemon. Shadi composed a floral accord exclusively for Fragrance du Bois which he keeps in secret. To my nose, I get something in the same vein as Roja Dove’s floral cores.

I sense some classical combinations of intoxicatingly indolic florals like Jasmine and Gardenia contrasted with airy and spicy facets of Geranium and Carnation. Around this classical alliance, there’s fruitiness of Ylang-Ylang and sun-like brightness of Frangipani and Orange Blossom. These are only my assumptions based on my nose and how they come off so no one else really knows for sure what’s in there except the perfumer himself. The opening has a lot going on but somehow it manages to keep itself altogether.

Another interesting factor in this composition is that the core feels quite dense yet very rounded. It’s built around brown Italian Leather (Shadi used this same kind of leather accord in Milano but way denser and more full bodied) backboned with strong Cedar.

Beneath this statement-making core lays the earthy greenness of Patchouli, Ambery facets of softly leathery Labdanum and smooth resinous and Vanillic Benzoin. I think this combination is one of the factors for its lasting power. The edge rounder, as I call it, is Orris which adds that creamy and slightly earthy tone to the composition. It doesn’t give off the powdery facets like Orris usually, but that is because of other dominant and edgy notes around it.

Fragrance du Bois PM
Fragrance du Bois PM

In the dry down, all of these notes melt down together creating a rich, ambery woody and decorative leather feel. The aromatic greenness smoothens out a bit leaving just a garden-like surrounding odour. The Amber here is glowingly golden and semi-sweet with the warmth of the Sun just before it sets. It’s intense in tone but not overpowering.

I’m so amazed at how PM performs! In an ambiguous way, it’s loud and “out there” but there are no sharp or harsh edges that could be found annoying. It feels smooth and diffusing in the air creating a glowing sillage around a wearer. I’m blown away by how long this sticks around. 14 hours on skin?! Not that it’s a soft skin scent, it’s diffusing and as you put your nose close, it’s very clear what scent it is. It’s like you freeze time and it remains the same. Whatever Musk or molecules he used here is very well chosen!

I can’t think of any scent that smells quite like PM. It gives off a hint of Milano because of the Leather accord but is much more refined and more amped up. Otherwise, they’re both completely different scents. That’s all I have in mind, it gives off a hint of this and that but nothing is close enough to pinpoint a similar scent. It’s quite a clean, elevated and high-class smelling composition.

Fragrance du Bois PM
Fragrance du Bois PM

PM radiates wealth and confidence which are made for people who aren’t afraid to flaunt it. It has classical facets to it with a very intriguing contemporary twist. It’s like the spirit of “Nouveau Riche” without being tasteless. It’s like a person who seeks for the best of the best due to its quality, not only because of the price but for its exclusivity.

The scent wearer is more of a “quality before all, whatever it costs” type. I resonate with this type of scent quite well as a person, I put the quality before all with everything in life. I always go for the best wine that a specific terroir has to offer. it might cost a lot but it’s usually not even the most expensive one. As with this scent, it’s not the most expensive fragrance I own but it definitely lives up to one of my favourite scents quality-wise.

PM is available in a 100ml bottle and retails at $450 USD. It’s currently exclusive to Fragrance du Bois’ official online store and Harrods.

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