Fragrance Du Bois PM
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Fragrance Du Bois PM: An Exclusive Fragrance Designed for Michael Blakey

Fragrance Du Bois is set to release an exclusive fragrance, developed for Michael Blakey in late November. 

Otherwise known as “Producermichael”, Blakey is a long-time fragrance lover and Fragrance Du Bois supporter. The upcoming release, PM, was blended by master perfumer Shadi Samra and was developed for the record producer extraordinaire. 

“A true “Power Scent” which harks back to the heady days when perfumes could be made with real and powerful ingredients and not guided by budgets and constraints, a new signature scent in the world of Haute perfumery,” says the Fragrance Du Bois description. 

Fragrance Du Bois PM
Fragrance Du Bois PM

Fragrance Du Bois PM features top notes of Tuberose, Fragrance Du Bois’ exclusive “Secret Florals”, Juniper Berry, Cardamom and Menton Lemon. The heart is made up of Indonesian Patchouli, Italian Leather, Cedar Woods and Oris Root. Finally, Labdanum, Woody Notes, Benzoin and Amber conclude the base. 

Fragrance Du Bois describes the scent as “Embracing clean, spicy junipers, smoky cedarwood and notes of fresh Secret Florals that are exclusive to Fragrance Du Bois. With a potent pop of the sweetest patchouli and the essence of comforting orris root forming the base, this is a scent for those who like to indulge in the best of everything.”

Fragrance Du Bois PM
Fragrance Du Bois PM

Fragrance Du Bois PM’s bottle is designed in similar likeness to others in the line. The label on the front is a deep red, with Producermichaels’ logo just below the Fragrance Du Bois emblem in gold. The rear reads “An original perfume by Fragrance Du Bois,” followed by “Luxury Fragrance Redefined,” shortly below.

The bottle is packaged in a black, carbon fibre box, sitting atop soft red velvet. Deliveries for the USA, Australasia and Europe will start by December 7th. For the rest of the world, orders will be shipped from November 24th. For all, the fragrance is available in a 100ml size and will retail for $442 USD.

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