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What is Your Fragrance of The day?

The weather is turning, and with it, so do most of our fragrance choices. Are you someone who embraces seasonal choices for fragrances or do you wear whatever you want no matter what the weather brings? Do you embrace the pumpkin spice lattes or do you say, ” Get me out of here. I want to be on a beach again”?

What fragrance are you rocking today? Let’s share and help each other find some great scents to check out! 

Fragrance of The day
The fragrance of The day

My fragrance of the day is Kilian Intoxicated. I have smelled a lot of fragrances in my time, but this scent is just “me”. It speaks to me and feels like I am being myself with it. A sweetened cup of Turkish coffee on tap, complete with sweetened vanilla, warm cardamom, and balsamic fir resin. This fragrance gets me ready to go conquer the amber-hued landscape that now dots my area. 

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